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some other good fake bands that were mentioned..

Tears and Vomit - From the "Eatin' Out" episode (02/19/89) of Married with Children. The band is mentioned by son Bud (David Faustino) for the joke: "We want to see Tears and Vomit," "You can see that when your mother cooks." The name is probably a play on real band Blood, Sweat and Tears. See also Burned Beyond Recognition, Jimmy Dick and the Night Sticks, Joanie and the Slashettes, Oozing Meat, Otitis Media, Shoes 'n' Socks, The Tuxedos, The Wanker Triplets, The Why, Yodeling Andy.

Black Death - From the TV show The Richard Pryor Show (09/10/77). From a sketch on Richard Pryor's VERY short lived (FOUR episodes!) NBC Variety show. This parody of 70s hard rock bands has him systematically killing his own audience. Thanks to Areia Spinner for this one.

Boyz Unlimited - From the UK tv show Boyz Unlimited (1999).

Bracelets, The - From the tv show Full House (02/21/95 ?). Thanks to Ryan A. MacMichael for this one.

Jelly, Blind Mellow - Fred G. Sanford's favorite bluesman from the TV show Sanford and Son. Fred had an extensive collection of his 78s, worth $500, until they got broken.

Jizm - From the comic book Richie Rich (19??). Wow. Priceless.

Undead, The - Are a KISS-like hard/glam rock band... before KISS! From the 1974 movie Phantom of the Paradise. One of the bands on the Death Records label. Their lead singer was Beef (Gerrit Graham) and they sang "Somebody Super Like You (Beef Construction Song)." The singing voice of Beef was not Harold Oblong. See also The Beach Bums, The Juicy Fruits, and Phoenix

Unit Shredders, The - From the TV show Roseanne (11/25/95). A riot grrl band mentioned in the "The Getaway, Almost" episode. Midway through a roadtrip to an outlet mall, Roseanne and Jackie pick up a hitchhiker (Jenna Elfman) who is in the band. The Unit Shredders' riotous grrlishness may be a matter for debate, though. First off, they are several years late to the riot grrl party (mainstays Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile, and Huggy Bear were already broken up). Plus, Elfman (who is comically credited as "teenager" in the episode) would have been 25 when the show aired. Perhaps The Unit Shredders could have claimed to have been riot wmmmen. Though it was kind of cool that they played a clip of Bikini Kill on a prime-time show. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Rapid Fire - Evil high school rock band in the 1978 made-for-tv movie Cotton Candy, an early, no-so-good directorial work of Ron Howard. They cover Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sherif." Very badly. Thanks to Chris Boznos for this one. (see also Cotton Candy)

Extreme Corporal Punishment - From the movie SLC Punk! (1999). Thanks to Jon Pennington for this one.

Zillion Kisses - From the movie Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever (1990).

Zits, The - Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroianni) on vocals and keyboards, Archie 'Snake' Simpson (Stefan Brogren) on guitar, and Derek 'Wheels' Wheeler (Neil Hope) on bass, form the new wave-y trio The Zit Remedy in the low budget, Canadian-produced, coming-of-age show Degrassi Junior High (1986-1989). They had only one damn song, "Everybody Wants Something," available on their 1988 homemade album (or cassingle, to be more accurate), The Zit Remedy: LIVE! After Wheels' parents' tragic death, he drifted in and out of the band and was briefly semi-replaced on bass by Simon Dexter (Michael Carry). Eventually Wheels sold his bass and it seemed the band was dead. But when the show changed its name and setting to Degrassi High (1989-1991), the boys resurrected the band, decided a new, more mature moniker was needed, and so changed their name to The Zits. Much more mature. They tried to get their song on radio station CRAZ, got shot down, made a music video, and other such antics until the writers ran out of stereotypical high school band plots and the band faded from the show. Fan site here. Thanks to: Joey deVilla, Kael Driscoll, Bene Jenner, Kirby McKinley, and The Confused Muse. (See also Gourmet Scum, The Savages)


i saw charles manson's bell hop at carnaval

i did one of those flailing random camera shots and got this..

danny read at ATA gallery..

observe the congradulatory embrace! too bad, sandy, steve, and terry are total flakes!! where the fuck is my button?

went to dinner for my grandmother's 83rd birthday. We ate with her brothers side of the family who I do not know at all but it was kind of funny because they presented her like 3 oversized jugs of hansen's assorted fruit juices. ( not pictured )

can't you tell we're strangers?


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i would take notes..

this would be the only reality show i'd ever watch. EVER.

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dennis richmond, retired but not forgotten

spot the fake

hamburger eyes trailer

domestic violence

thumbing crucial cracks

j dubbs, money bags makin' it rain

holdin' it down, markerface

oh you tag?? so what

turf's up! larry at the corner store

new york sightings

late night job inquiries

pee graffiti