Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Cupcake Pre-Lims. Facial sunset touch ups.

We introduced Jahmal to the glory that is the youtube filipino synchronized prison dancing.

Got hyped on Soldier boy, had to take it here. I don't think Jahmal realized I was such a chubbster..

Marian trying to burn down Chinatown with her gypsy magiks.

Prime flamin' doo doos..

Everything looks lamer with the flash

Rolled up to the spot, siked on this already!!!!! Disabled livers in full effect!!


Weather looks crowded?? 100% CHANCE OF BEER SHOWERS..

Road to Robstock.

Mayra gettin' in there.

What!! Quin!?!?!? Raising the fucking proverbial ROOOOOFF!

Very siked Oren came, he chilled on my 22nd birthday when I chose the route of celebration to take bad mood shrooms in central park and ended up just falling into a dumpy lake with all my clothes on.

Tino Diamond.


You know when everyone looks all good up close? Party photos and shit. Fuck those things. My eyes are like shut and blood shot, my hair is fucked and matted. That's the way it should be. Cause you're gettin' beers spit in your eyes and you just did rounds of toxic waste and it's your birthday, it's been raining all day, and you and EVERYONE ELSE around you is all FUCKKK ITT!!! I can get down with that, I get down with my friends.

BUT not as good as these two...! Serious portraits.

I don't know what that chick Robin is doing with the box of Bud Light. She's like ragin' on that thing, gettin back at it, swinging it against the window.

"Don't worry girl, Wu Welsh make it all better."

Air Organ.

When I get drunk I turn into a Canadian Red Dragon..?? So embarassing..

Naked Juice.

Hey DICKHEADS!!! last time I checked, the party in the back SUCKED!!!!!!!

Diego is rad, he's also able to score chicks as he bartends wasteoids.

Sara giving the rare public horns!

Debra giving Reyes a pep talk.

People sober up and remember how much they hate me. Especially Jamie.


Only inches away. Silent partiers. Rodney, Arnando, and Eli partied really hard.. but INSIDE.

Mean unibrown, shun!

Bar perks.

Ghost effects. Thumb prints?

Still thirsty..


Ted, are you trying to leave???

Other threes.

I texted todd to come and he said No. Then I replied " you've really changed TODD." and then he said he was just fucking with me and he showed up cause really, this todd's AWESOME! I don't care what George Carlin had to say about Todds..

A Tale of Two Desi's.. sounds like the title of a porno. But I bet it'd be WAY better than "Skate Tricks.." Sorry Pokemon Moler..

What the fuck is going on? I'm so fucked it looks like Desiree is Maria's explorative conjoined TWIN..I' M LEAVINGG!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Went to a "random" comedy show at Pianos tonight via last minute Bowen text. No big deal, it just turns out Todd Barry, Sarah Silverman and like 4 other stand up comedians were doing a secret show for FREE. And I just sat wedged in a back corner the whole time sitting on my ass laughing at some cool jokes that involved chocolate dick helmets and fishy gym shorts.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


There are 32 swimming events at the Olympics, and since the 2004 Games in Athens ended, world records have been lowered in 26 of them, with the biggest assault on the record book coming this year. Since the start of 2008, world records have been set in 20 different events. Janet Evans' record in the 800-meter freestyle has stood since 1989, but beyond that, no world record is older than 2001. It's a revelation that has a lot of casual fans scratching their heads.

Is it the new Speedo suits? The deeper pool? Does the sport have a drug problem that no one is talking about? All of the above?

People within the worldwide swimming community have different answers. But for the most part, athletes and coaches believe it's just the accelerated progression of the sport.

Swimmers are sticking around longer because sponsorship money has increased exponentially and as a result, an athlete is able to peak at a later age.

Mark Spitz was 22 years old when he retired after winning seven gold medals in 1972, and he had to essentially leave the sport because it was impossible make a living when amateur athletes couldn't accept endorsement deals and continue to compete in the Olympics. Jason Lezak, who swam the anchor leg of the 400-meter freestyle relay, which was the fastest relay split ever (46.06) is 33 years old. Dara Torres made her fifth Olympic team this year at age 41.

And in an Olympic year, with athletes peaking after four years of intense training, records are going to fall.

taken from the LA TIMES..