Friday, February 6, 2009

my dad is insisting i share this. he just found out about this movie that is premiering at the end of february at mann's chinese theatre in hollywood. the movie is based on true events, however a bit tweaked as far as the technicality of location of the murdered professor. Also it seems that the movie was filmed in bangkok. Maybe it was cheaper, but maybe bangkok just looks more grimy and exotic on film than the millions of camera and computer stores in taipei. for the most part, that is almost a small compromise, in light of the fact that this movie is daring to be groundbreaking in it's niche of taiwanese politics. it seeks to question identity and justice within the world, by revealing taiwan's oppressed historical experience to those who disprove of corruption, and those who are willing to listen.

the producer of the movie himself, a taiwanese-american, has an impressive background both organically( his parents history and activism within earlier pro taiwanese movements ) and also academically. he was a fulbright scholar and did a variety of work within the united states government before getting into entertainment. interestingly enough, most if not all of the money used to finance this movie came from fundraisers held within the last several years among taiwanese communities in the united states and canada. again, the magnitude of involvement and dedication that obviously went into this film is inspiring. classic overachiever changing the world one movie at a time.

i hope this movie succeeds in addressing these relevant and sensitive chords. But like most great movies, not only do i hope it fully succeeds in providing the viewer another dimension to his/her humanity, but also allows those who die at the hands of authoritarian governments and conspiracies alike, not be forgotten for their bravery in being who they were and the threats they posed to the shitty people in this world that will stop at nothing to control everything and everybody. Did I mention James Van Der Beek is starring in it? I don't know how I feel about a 90's teen idol being the hollywood gatekeeper of my lineage. I'm honestly getting ready for an awkward toss-up. But the fact the trailer looks like an 80's suspense thriller with that epic narrator, it could be super good.


serious head gear.

speaking of serious head gear, while at a night market these girls were yelling advertisements for a shoe spot in the middle of the alley. believing that she would attract more attention one girl put a shoe on her head. i took a photo of it using the flash and they turned around, shocked. the shock quickly turned into disbelief which then turned into mild anger and they vaguely scolded me saying i couldn't take photos of them. i could kind of tell this one girl who had put the shoe on her head was seething through her bootleg bape hoody, it was actually really funny to see her that pissed. it was one of those prolonged glares that people give, which eventually turn into a strange awkwardness as you walk further and further away. i mean, you have a pink shoe on your head, what did you expect? a few nights after that, i saw her in the same spot with the same sneaker on her head. it wouldn't surprise me if that shoe actually got her seriously laid and she's just not ready to share her technique with the rest of the world.

bootleg pencils

my favorite chatroom.

me and my grandma traded sunglasses and took pictures of each other. she never really shows her teeth when she smiles, i kind of caught her offguard. which is a great thing because it's always nicer to see grandparents uncomposed.

a picture of our rooftop business from mr.wong's top floor.

problem areas?

i saw this huge poster in the train station and thought it totally looked like my fucking dad, except for some minor differences.

my dad agreed. he said he didn't think it'd be impossible that his father had other kids he didn't know about.

little brother's kendo class

serious leg room, looks comfy.

party favors, featuring some serious scotch.

when the going gets drunk..

the drunk get going? or maybe do the taiwanese duck dance made popular in the 70's.

the lovebeads have officially been polished by that bottle of scotch. "time of the season" working the crowd. that is, except for 16 year old black belt.

mr.wong's housing for loose items: fish graves.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


windswept dog hair puts a smile on my face.

while my dad was trying to retell a pretty embarassing story about my little brother to visitors, daniel doesn't take humiliation lying down.

assassin hands

my dad and i went next door to visit a close neighbor, mr wong. mr wong sells dolphin medicine. anyway, mr. wong's father used to do oil paintings of family trips. this one is of his father and mother in nagoya, japan.

the deer add a very nice touch

another painting that hangs is a wong trip to the phillipines in the mid 80's.

silent shopper. dora the explorer currently being favored.

there was a toy on display called cat in the bag. it was put in an enclosed case to work its consumer magic. basically it's a tail with a bag stuck on it that jumps around.kinda' creepy. they should have made a fake finger stuck in an electrical socket toy.

taiwanese tattoo parlors, dogs be chillun'

i couldn't stop taking photos of people and their cute fucking dogs.

amongst lunch vendors, dad with a beer at 11am.

fashionable shark bags are all the rage out here. they're on everything.

giant buddha's wrapped in plastic on the side of the road, very interesting...

standard mega balloon photo.

i spotted a gray parrot selling long sleeve t's.

my dad lives in a highly color saturated junkyard. he makes me sleep on bootleg dvds.

unfortunately, everything exists in this vortex of crap, including downed world war one german planes.

I finally figured out this lack of wireless situation and just barged my dad's computer with a zillion photos. I'll be uploading more soon. When I got into Taipei it was the last night of 2008 in this part of the world ( at least most of asia except japan which converted from the lunar calendar maybe around it's Meiji period according to my dad ).

there's nothing like a good old chinatown bag. but when you take the bag out of chinatown i wonder what kind of bag it becomes. when i was in san francisco i went to the moma with some friends and in their permanent collection they had like this amazing oil painting of oranges wrapped in white tissue paper from the 19th century. i couldn't believe how simple the idea was and how stunningly dynamic the painting turned out. i suddenly wanted to eat reallllllllllly old oranges..

super deep temple photo

in the midst of holiday chaos, there always seems to be a crying baby stuck in a carriage.

a mythical good luck creature

this kid had a handful of cheap rockets and was trying to launch them from hardened dirt in the ground.

temple offerings

you can't really tell by my photos but the first few days of the new year, temples are insanely packed, people lifting their bundles of burning incense sticks above their heads as to not poke out other peoples eyes. herds of local people pour in at all hours, making their yearly rounds around the temple, paying their respects to various divine beings.



got a minute to relive history? need to remember who the new president is? below are some text links to some of obama's speeches



it's retarded how many times i can change my mind in 24 hours. with photoshop you will never sleep, pee, or think about anything else.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

if i could create my own t.v. show it'd be this. there are about a million things that can go wrong when you put an 80's skate witch, an alien, and a dead serial killer together. on second thought, maybe it'd make a better made for t.v. movie that people might warm up to once they stop watching american idol. which, would never happen, unless everybody got abducted, then killed, except for me of course. i'd watch my own show.