Thursday, February 26, 2009


Wildman's Confetti $1.49.

stroll through the park

people always think i'm gay because i'm indifferent to a lot of things. and also that i'm not a serial ball sucker so it's hard to tell who's balls i've met. meanwhile, zoe talks openly about stuff like nipple skin, boob silohuettes, and the like. i don't get it. but maybe i'll never get it. here she is making someone cry.

karoke is not just a once in a while thing. i actively try to participate as much as i can. there is nothing like singing george harrison on stage to a thoroughly positive crowd of 8.

good fucking times


high kick hall of famer



You wish there was toilet paper in here.

when you see something like this, you can't help but think "it's about time they did that. shhhiiitt.."

garfield and amadeus, secret naps.


What is your full name?
K:Kaori Ishikawa

What's your middle name?
K:We don't have any.

Who's we?
K::incoherent japanese mumbling::. JAPANESE

What are you watching on youtube?
K:Youtube. ::pointing at youtube:: watchey.

No, what are you watching?
K:chocolate disco?

yeah?who is it?
K: perfume.

Who's she?
K: who is she? I don't know. Perfume new song.

Why do you like her?
K:everybody. KAWAII!!! so cute!

How long have you been skateboarding for?
K: I don't care. Nobody want to know. I hate that question. Not so cool deshu. stupid stupid, no no no i skate that's all.


japan's most famous comic book character. i forget his name, maybe it's the kitten lurker.

why is it that every man with a suit in japan drinking sapporo looks like yakuza? this place had really good yakitori. i've never met pieces of chicken liver so big. barbequed human remains are a delicacy in some places.

i saw this place walking around and was amped. and then i saw a guy stagger out of these motion sensor doors, and what i saw inside were endless rows of slot machines and bright flashing lights.

samurai gatekeeper. i wish this was my permanent reflection.

the only cute left turn i've ever seen with a squeamish bronzed root in the background.

host props. if anyone wants to marry a mellow japanese girl that b/s tailslid into my buddy list let me know.

outside an indoor jungle.

warrior dolls

japanese bike mittens

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Monday, February 23, 2009


down to my last $1. but thankfully i am working today. a slow, quiet day, nobody has come in yet. i turn on the new alien workshop video for the 50th time. animal collective has seeped into my behavior, and it is safe to say my brain has been successfully mindfielded by it. a guy pushes the door open, and a rush of brisk air begins to circulate the store. he approaches the counter, and looms over me with a delayed request.

he begins to stutter in a concerning manner. i'm not sure what he's going to ask but i have a feeling it's not about skateboards.

"i-i-i-i-i-i-'m just try-iing to get some change for the bus. i re-e-aally am-m anything, an-y change would real-lly help me out. any change."

there is something about his demeanor that does not immediately put me off. a stutter, proper clean, layered clothes, i sense that maybe this guy really does need a dollar. i don't feel threatened. i'm not exactly comfortable but it's not because he physically makes me uncomfortable. it was the idea that this kid probably is doing this to feed himself for the time being, and that this was his hustle which made me a bit uneasy as a person. at the same time i can't help but be remotely fascinated with the ways in which people choose to "hustle" their means.

i hate the word. hustle. it's got this lame, ghetto glamorized, rap jingley undertone that i've never related to even as a person who grew up memorizing rap lyrics. I can't even seriously use the word, it's like a joke. When I think of hustling, I think of a cute, fuzzy, kitten with 18 rows of teeth.

"the hood made me do it!!" please. I'm sure it does, but for most people who don't come from the hood and adapt hood mentalities, you are all planet earth's biggest lame asses. please stop stealing from hardworking people to come up on some trivial ass bragging rights. everyone knows you were raised with the finer things in life, so please stop fronting.

I always thought when I was younger if I got into art school or something it would make me a better artist. the idea that you should ever be just one thing is kind of silly when you think about it. I love art, but I also really like organizing things and collecting postcards. So why can't I professionally develop my organizational skills and minor in postcard collecting somewhere? Oh wait. Society says I can't because it's not "practical." But look around you, what does practical even fucking mean? Humans are a lot more capable than we give ourselves credit for. we've just been conditioned to accept our limitations and to avoid risk.

The funny thing this experience made me realize was that institutions don't teach you how to "hustle." stock broker one minute, cab driver the next, why should we ever believe that life be based on a series of guarantees grown from our own socially harvested expectations. when it comes down to it, you just have to learn to be resourceful without stabbing people to feel like a whole person.

I guess with the tidal waves of newsreports foreshadowing even more job losses this year for people across the country, they are even projecting that unemployment in new york city will be even higher than that seen in the 1970's.

The times are always changing, and even now so, I think the era of the long awaited bullshit filter will be in active use. Because I seriously refuse to believe that the only way life works is by being a soulless dickhead. Racing to the top is going to be hard when nobody's at the top.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


mark morrison..OH OH OH OH

Main Entry: lame
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: unable to walk properly

the urban outfitters blog explained this as:
Lovenskate started as a free skateboarding zine, and now incorporates the same hand-done aesthetic into a small collection of decks and clothing. There’s probably a lady in your life who needs this.

I don't have anything against free skateboarding zines, hand done aesthetics, or small collections of things. But, a lady in your life would definitely not need this. Save your $70 or whatever limited edition inflation prices are these days. i don't understand the message. clearly, girls that skate are mostly limited to curbs ( i.e. me ). i don't see this statement as ironic, witty, or clever. it's not something to be arrogantly printed on the bottom of your sled for all the world to judge. it's printed very boldy, possibly meaning that it is revealing a significant, unknown truth that anyone should care to think about. using the term "real girls" as opposed to just "girls" (neither is better than the other) preludes the begininng of an undeniably lame slogan to an undeniably lame fact. If I ever saw anyone skating this board I would really begin to wonder if skateboard graphics can get any worse. And also, ask them if they could stop supporting deformed subculture jingles that no one gets.

anything+small and fuzzy=commercial suckcess!!