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Friday, April 17, 2009


Ideal for American Express Black Card members, no price exists for this. So don't even try to wonder!

Designed as a way to create a living space for 7-8 people in 36 square meters (that's about 387 square feet), the "Nested Bunk Bed" is designed as a flexible solution to a common living situation in South Africa. The design, inspired by the iconic Russian Matroichka dolls that also inspired this cool living concept, won the 36sqm Challenge, as well as a red dot award late last year.

There is a mouse in this apartment that uses our traps as decathalon obstacles. It's fucked up to find mouse poo by your food. i just can't stop imagining the toxic micro gases from it's excrement contaminating the entire kitchen. It's little diseased new york sidewalk pounding paws freewheelin' through the god damn kitchen. Fuuucckk..

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had a dream once that I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and an asshole duck was beaming me.

Fun with Cacti Part 1

Fun with Cacti Part 2

Fokker Fan Fan

Bald Old Man? I really want to name a plant right now. What about "The Pelican Brief." Just because it's blatantly a movie about secrets and betrayal. Which leads me to my next random photo of the week.



Sitting on the 6 train, I saw my first ever subway magician. The winter has been soul punishing, and the amount of subway performers are drastically depleted during the winter months naturally. So not surprisingly I was excited out of my mind when I started to realize that the choppy whistling coming from down the train belonged to a live magician!

I didn't really catch his opening act, but I did catch the finale.

Official endings are my favorite thing ever?

But like a toolbag, I completely missed a shot of the dove from where I was sitting, so after a few minutes I went ahead and asked the guy if I could take a photo of him and his dove. What is it about asking strangers to take their picture that I still get nervous about? I hate feeling like such a fan out, but sometimes you just gotta' get over yourself.

Long live subway performers, may there always be a random magician among them to unexpectedly defy the odds of seeing one perform on the train.


Monday, April 13, 2009


i admit that i've been nerding out on this skater dater article, commentwise, but whatever. i'm not trying to hide my innner crailtap chat. the subject is already blown out as fuck but i thought i'd conclude my original post about this miss behave article with a revealing glimpse of the author herself. her picture was linked to by someone on the message boards. ain't that a bitch??

looking at this photo, it kinda' makes sense now why everyone told me the chick who wrote this was beyond insecure and if i actually saw her in person i'd understand. sure okay, she's fat and seems a bit uncomfortable with herself in the photo, but should one always reconsider their opinions just because somebody is fat, or stereotypically less physically desirable? well i guess if i was a guy who had my own complexes of women's intellectual worth vs. their capacity to lick my dick, i would naturally disregard anyones opinions who i found unattractive. it goes the same way with even females that are physically attractive to men, one is always pressured to reconsider their opinions for the sake of letting a pretty girl get her way without daddy telling her no.

unintentionally, this article has joined the ranks with several other articles which almost subtedly mocks the traditional image of skateboarding as an exclusive community by regurgitating the same celebrated idea of rebellious hetereosexual bad boys.

though the idea of many financially successful or highly popularized skateboarders taking themselves way too seriously can often be confirmed with the past ten years of the industry seeing fortuitious amounts of money being pumped into it with commercial endorsements and mainstream interest, it would be naive to think that the face of skateboarding has only ever belonged to tough, discreetly chiseled, white guys, or even 13 year old, shaggy haired shaun whites and teen throb ryan shecklers. it's already pretty evident with the lack of spots, and fuel tv shows about camp woodward that the image of skateboarding has been convulted on a variety of levels for the sake of being able to market to anyone willing to buy a pair of dc's. i guess in the long run, everyone feels misunderstood. it's just quite sad when people who feel nothing for it, understand nothing about it, try to represent it as a squandering misogynist activity. which if one actually experienced the saving graces of skateboarding, they would know that on an individual basis, the act of skateboarding can transcend these unfortunate sociological guises that plague most peoples' clouded, self-serving observations.

suggesting that skateboarders are naturally born shitty chauvenists, drowned in networks of bro'ness and camaradarie, could be valid except when one stops to think that most forms of misogynstic behavior are classically encouraged by endless amounts of female attention that cater to the preservance of such lameness.(i.e. pros compusively cheating on their wives, babies, girlfriends, dogs, whatever with 15 year olds at random demos, or pros compulsively cheating on their spouses with douschey evolved pro hoes)

anyone that chooses to share an article with the world on her sexual shortcomings with a skateboarder, was obviously not clever enough to realize that she ended up branding herself, to many, as being part of the exceedingly low standard of mediocre personalities that continue to plague any downtown metropolis. anyone that would also endorse this article endorses a sense of naivety that continues to keep that bar superficially low. this bar is kept especially low for females since most females feel that genuine camaradarie between women is impossible. considering in most female relationships, there is usually an element of secret competitiveness when it comes to men. i don't feel it in my own friendships with women because i have a particulary high standard of people i choose to be around. maybe that and because i grew up skating with a bunch of rad lesbians and awkward dudes. and it's not that i feel like i'm better than anyone becauase i don't, but because it is my own filter from shitty people in general. ultimately, i'd like to think i'm not afraid to be alone, because if i've ever learned anything from even skateboarding, it's that the one of the most valueable things you can do as a person is to learn how to be a self sufficient outsider.

see, i feel that men are a lot more obvious when it comes to competing for a female, while most females often hide their true intentions until it ruins friendships or even their own sense of identities because women are taught to not be honest with themselves in the first place. but i personally don't believe that real camaradie between women is impossible. i also personally don't believe that calling people out is ever part of the problem, especially when it's true.

why is it more important for people to accept and like things than it is to genuinely not like something? it is your fundamental right to feel and say whatever the fuck you want. i'd rather argue about finding the truth in things, then let a lie fester into the status quo.

it’s sad because people would rather roll over and find some shitty excuse for people being “shitty, young, and naive” because it takes less time to do nothing at all. ironically everyone dresses as if they really gave a shit about something, but inside there is nothing remotely interesting to share.

there will always be the people who will call your shit out, although these days it seems the number has shrank since these older dudes have quit drinking for the most part. the only reason why people never call lame bitches out is cause now they’re pussy ass dudes who are trying to fuck them all. at least back then dudes would be fucking them and talking shit to their faces. i miss that.


Phil Spector finally found guilty of shooting Lana Clarkson in the mouth. It only took 5 years for his money, fame, influence, and the kinetic force of his updo to return the good vibes.