Saturday, June 13, 2009


went to di fara's pizza out by coney island the other day. ranked one of the top pizza spots , i think, ever, there was already 8 people waiting in line for the place to reopen for dinner.

the man, the myth, the di fara. while waiting outside, i heard he has these 150 year old shears that he uses to cut fresh basil off the stems as one of the final steps to creating each individual pie. unfortunately, the mystique was kind of thrown off that evening when he used school scissors instead.

the total wait time was around an hour and a half, but with a little beer and a lot of appreciation for the process of thoughtful pizza tossing, it was really fucking good.

i mean look at that. ughhh. after 3.5 years, i really believe that this was among the best pizzza i've ever had. even better than roundtables!(j/k..)but seriously, thin crust all the fucking way.

colored pencil backgrounds

eating rocks

sara's garage sale 4 quarter come up. this shirt is not ironic, it's the truth.

who the fuck takes photos like that? old asian tourists and jeremy. that's seriously it. somebody find his telescope.

always crammed in the box

somebody's new shot glass

jimmy has some photos up at the fish. interesting composition this one. i see things multiplying.

this is how asians multiply

HOW CLEVER MAE! TITS. without my jet skis it would be TS. sidenote: tail devil stole my cruiser.

accessorizing with nike. when wearing one pair just isn't enough

we stopped by some place the other night across from clems. it was buttfucking hot and if you wanted to see the show in the back it was six stuffy dollars to enter an agonizing sweat den. it's like paying to walk into someone's sweaty back. i'll keep my money, buy a shitty frappachino and yell at 19 year old squatters on bedford instead.

iron sharks

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Teddy Bear Abstract


You will never find these things again because they probably returned to the middle ages

Tooth powder sounds painful

No boys allowed, two doors, ten handshakes


wheel bite

new original autumn baseball shirts. The block is lukewarm with lifestyle shots.

interesting..very interesting..

151 piles for miles the other night. sf in the house!

For me?!?!?tony doing some tender man manuevers

sara min stopped polishing entire jameson bottles and has moved onto vermouth martinis. gnarly.

martini lovers only! iphone backgrounds.

mutiny is afoot

runaway mutant herb

these motherfuckers..

kulture klub

free men embracing their inner skynards

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sometimes I can't help but wonder how much worse I can get at skating. And then I think of places like Sunnyvale park and for a minute I remember how effortless skateboarding can be when you're riding on concrete waves in good ol' sunny california. f-u-uu-cc-c-kk-kkkkkk

Monday, June 8, 2009


Fish Market via Mexico

this is how much salt my friend eats with his fries. obsene.

oh yeah! first flea market set up ever. max fish flea market this past sunday.

upon closer viewing, you can see I was selling some wallets that hopefully don't fall apart within the week. Oversized pencil shaped erasers, postcards I made, and a weird circular desk accessories globe.

Mike bought a wallet from me. I stamped his name on it. I didn't realize his name was spelled that way. Pretty fucking Italian. I tried getting the stitching really close to the edge. I used this amazing Pfaff post machine to stitch it all, unfortunately I don't have one. One day though.

Dj Sweeney with the best unphoto documented t shirt stash but you'll have to take my cyber word for it.

Jorge wanted Morrissey stamped on his.

Wildman almost looks like Wilfman I'm going to have to get better at this stamping shit. I think it starts to wear off after some time cause I'm probably not stamping it right. G-R-E-A-T.

Kicking Drugs out of America off the Fox and Fawn rack. Marissa wanted this shirt to go to someone that would wear it and I think it did.

Gabe gave Roxanne a Beyonce snowglobe. So tight

Dan was the first person to buy a wallet from me. I thought I'd document it.

the day went by quickly, inbetween all of the homemade food that was there, and "this guy" buying the whole bar a shot towards the end of the day. I had a great ol' time!

happy shots gettin' drunk

and who could forget their peed on ept test? that apparently tested positive?

my outdated amusement park guide was a big hit with quartersnacks voice overs. i like that the guy sitting in the distance looks like a human bookmark.