Saturday, July 4, 2009


went to peter luger's steakhouse for lunch. i decided that after 2 years of living a block away i should at least try the burger. so i split a cheeseburger and the chopped steak with sara. the chopped steak look like a hamburger patty and crumpled into a million meaty spitballs. the cheese on the cheeseburger looked extra fucking good, but for cheese added to the $8.95 burger and fries it came out to like $13.00. i'd rather eat at wendy's.

that cow hates life. on avenue a, believe dat. some caretaker passed by me with a stroller and was freaking out that she'd never seen a real cow before. i guess public school parking lots aren't the most ideal place to see one.

brandy's latex noses

statue hustlin'

nose lift

elementary school union caps

governor island's biggest windchime beckons.

children's highest windchime lay up/ dunk contest

air jordan stance, saplings in flight

one handed

both hands, i can hear the children's chiropractor coming

proof that strangers will always give a helping hand to those in need

what to do..

a boy in a tree is worth four in the street?

village people

more village people

romance vs. sore back


tourists eat power moves for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

sike! daddy's in a different picture!

jesus benched your sin

babygapes, nutts in butts, and all toyz no boyz

when your friend buys a new beater car, it's time to celebrate

Thursday, July 2, 2009



Published: July 2, 2009
On Aug. 26, 2006, something unusual happened in New York City.

It was a Saturday in the heart of summer, the kind of day that averages more than two homicides. Yet the police reported no killings.

One other thing happened that day: It rained.

In fact, an analysis by The New York Times of rainfall and homicides for the last six years shows that when it rains substantially in the summertime, there are fewer homicides.

When there was no precipitation, there was an average of 17 homicides every 10 days. But when there was an inch or more of rain, the average dropped to 14.

That does not surprise Vernon J. Geberth, a former Bronx homicide squad commanding officer. He said that when there was a downpour, the police would sometimes joke, “The best cop in the world is on duty tonight.”

The gap is even wider when looking just at Saturdays in the summer. Those are the days that typically post the highest number of homicides in a year. When there was no rain, the average number of homicides for every 10 Saturdays in summer jumped to 24. For every 10 Saturdays doused with at least an inch of rain, the average number was 18.

These numbers may add up to something of a bright spot for a city that officially entered summer with the second wettest June on record, according to meteorologists at Pennsylvania State University. With a few more than 200 homicides so far this year, the city is on pace for a low not seen since the early 1960s. The first few days of July promise more of the same damp weather, with a chance of rain every day.

The difference in homicides on rainy days is more pronounced in the summer than in other seasons. And when there was less rain, there were more killings. For instance, when the threshold is lowered to half an inch of rain or more, the average number of homicides every 10 days climbs to 15. And when there was less than half an inch of rain, the rate was the same as when there was no rain.

The Times’s analysis is based on comparing the city’s daily rainfall with homicide data obtained from the New York Police Department, covering 2003 to 2008. (A searchable database of homicides in the city is available at


snagged this from quartersnacks. i'm sure nobody cares that i'm reposting it. little brocam video. rad.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


ketchup magicks, tater tot miracles


sticker art. backin it.

Akasha visited

Dodgeball visited Akasha.

MOMA exhibit, waste not. This Chinese artist who lived through the cultural revolution in China did a panoramic installation that contained every piece of reused household item, life product ever. It was like some insane landfill that had been reorganized. Strangley but not so strangley it reminded me of my grandmother's house. Shit's no joke though, people who are poor and are afraid of being even poorer will save everything "just incase". There were times when being a packrat wasn't such an impractical paranoia. And there are still harsh times like that for people. It's just pretty crazy to see everything individually set out for viewing. the artist even included the former frame of his home to the exhibit.

This photo of plastic bowls and buckets with the hard ass bed with every box of asian pills ever definitely reminds me of some shit. I wonder when people view this kind of shit if they're bothered even disgusted by it or if they relate to it. All i know is that i don't feel so bad for having as much shit as I do in my own room. It'd be pretty cool to lay out everything I own just to see. None of it would be practical.

pretty fucking cool

David Hockey set costume illustrations. I swear that looks like Kurt Russell

Fucking Cool. I would definitely go see this play starring Kurt Russell as the mayor of Victorian Hemephrodite Town circa Alice in Wonderland.

Look closer!!!

Tooth, soon to be 21. Babyface with a serious Man mane

Damian and "Dude" on phone who apparently just came back from an akward bachelor party where the strippers were abusing the guests and fucking each other with double ended dildos. Sounds about as cool a real life Requiem for a dream ( not cool ) What are you waiting to wake up with no arms too? Fuck that

Liz's birthday. Canadians rule at growing long blonde hair and claiming bands like "the band" as their own

I would never be able to carry that many records. I barely own that many. Good for you Ryan!

Lurker, lurking waaaaaassteeeeddd on coors light