Saturday, July 11, 2009

another fourth of july dobbin block bbq. at least this year I got to punt deflated soccer balls down the street. punting a soccer ball as hard as you can allows you to channel your inner most desires of punting someone you hate's face off. keeping it positive as usual

someones face exploding

next to the shithead that threw beer all over roxanne, and his meddling girlfriend who did the same but subsequently was dealt a roxanne death blow to the face, i couldn't imagine hating on anyone else at the barbeque. well you know, up until i started taunting this dumb bitch in jellies with her toy ass sidewalk doodling. girls like her have suddenly become hard enough to do shit like this? it's a fucking shame that the environment has become so sterile that shit like this happens all over the place. of course if i myself actually resided at dobbin i would have done more than verbally clown her and take her photo. urfman came by and yoinked the can out of her hand before she could finish the rest of her visual garbage. and of course she didn't do shit except end up at the photo below.

there she is, desicrating my eyes again by existing.

it's funny when people walk through a dobbin block barbeque like they're high school newly weds

urfman power cleaning so that next year a thousand people can party on the block 'til the cops call your parents

Fourth of Julio drive to Rockaway

Baby lifeguards with baby sized bags of Chips

"Dude come on don't take a picture of us!"

Whatevz hands

The clouds were being friendly that day. They were actually giving the sun a chance to shine.

hot tubb line

50+ lovers only

rememeber when you were small and it was so hard to hold things up properly while walking? so things like hot dog buns would constantly fall from your sore elbow grip.

stick ball at the beach

it's a bird it's a plane! it's both!

beachly set up

skin and hair

in his own world, probably not locating valueables, but for the remains of past victims

i saw this woman a little further down the shore and thought that light cardigan hanging from her purse was a small totally could be if you're used to seeing things that aren't really there. this would make a great craigslist singles ad. shoes off struttin' and shit, she's on top of the world!

bucket wash downs

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