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smooth jammin'

BAGHDAD, July 31 (UPI) -- The U.S. military did major damage to the site of one of the wonders of the ancient world while turning it into a base and guarding it, a U.N. report says.

The site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was converted into Camp Alpha shortly after the U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq in 2003. UNESCO, the United Nations cultural agency. said troops and contractors dug, cut, scraped and leveled the area while revamping the site to meet military standards, CNN reported.

The site, an hour's drive south of Baghdad on the banks of the Euphrates River, dates to ancient Mesopotamia.The gardens were built for his wife by Nebuchadnezzar.

The report said key structural damage was inflicted on the Ishtar Gate and the Processional Way and other areas. The gate, an entrance to the northern part of the city, is decorated with animals that portray the symbol of the god of Babylon, nine of which were damaged.

A military spokeswoman said the Babylon site was originally occupied in April, 2003, with a purpose. among others, of protecting it from looting.

The United States has agreed to pay $800,000 to help rehabilitate the Babylon site, an Iraqi official said.

ABERDEEN, Scotland, July 31 (UPI) -- The owner of a Scottish eatery formerly known as the Earl of Sandwich said he has received a demand for legal expenses from a descendant of the original earl.
Neil Corall told The Scotsman he changed the name of his Aberdeen sandwich shop to "E.A.R.L. on the Green" after he received a notice the original one was already taken. John Montagu, the 11th earl, has a chain in the United States named the Earl of Sandwich.

The fourth earl, also named John Montagu, who lived in the 18th century, gave his title to the sandwich. The story goes that he was an enthusiastic card player and adopted the habit of eating meat between two pieces of bread so he could stay at the card table instead of the dinner table.

The earl was also first Lord of the Admiralty and a patron of Capt. James Cook, who named the chain now known as Hawaii the Sandwich Islands in his honor.

Corall said he has no problem with the earl's demand to change his restaurant's name. But he thinks the demand for 3,500 pounds (almost $5,800) in legal costs and damages is "heavy-handed."

"Personally, I feel the legal costs they were asking for were unnecessary, because they could have just picked up the phone and brought this to my attention," he said.

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You are a fucking psycho, guy.


Published: July 29, 2009 at 11:59 PM

WORCESTER, Mass., July 29 (UPI) -- A baby cut from the womb of a slain Massachusetts woman was found alive in New Hampshire Wednesday night, police said.
Julie A. Corey, the suspect in the killing of the pregnant woman, was taken into custody in Plymouth, N.H., where she was found with the baby and a male companion, The Boston Globe reported.

The baby, a girl, appeared to be in "fairly good health," and was being evaluated at a New Hampshire hospital, WCVB-TV, Boston, reported.

dead chick.

The body of the victim, Darlene Haynes, 23, was discovered in her Worcester, Mass., apartment Monday, wrapped in a comforter in the closet, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported Wednesday. She was eight months pregnant.

The exact cause of death had not been determined pending toxicology results, but Worcester police Detective Capt. Edward McGinn Jr. said the autopsy determined Haynes suffered head injuries.

WCVB quoted police as saying they were led to Corey because she told friends she had just had a baby.

"Friends became concerned about how she got home so early after giving birth," said Worcester police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst.

Corey was being held in New Hampshire on fugitive from justice charges, the television station reported. She may face murder charges in Massachusetts, police said.

May face murder charges?? Uh, Single White Female Jack the Ripper scenarios are fucked. I'd hate to be the landlord that found that in the closet. A slight reminder of just how brutal the world can be and that there are truly fucking psychos that will cut the unborn baby out of you.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a while since I've posted anything writing wise. afterall what is heavy discussion without the discussion? just pictures and youtubes i guess. people make fun of blogging but unless you use it as a shameless form of constant lifestyle beam, having a blog that nobody reads or takes seriously can be better than having a junk drawer of useless shit. Sometimes I think about all the things I've mindlessly posted on here and wonder how much more space on the internet i can eat up. i'm listening to this "wavves" record i bought today. according to color mag, they embody equal parts beach boys and black flag. i don't really get that. i just think they kind of sound like sitting in the sun too long and if noise could casually melt it would make you see mirages of some 70's socal kid with white and red tube socks doing a f/s 5-0 on a cement quarter pipe. beach boys and black flag would not sound this mellow. EVER. i'd ask this person, "have you ever listened to black flag? are you fucking retarded?" beach boys meets black flag would sound more like someone dying from a violent heroin overdose, breaking a window while falling out of a skyscraper backwards, but never landing. this does not sound like that. whoever would describe wavves in that way would also be found describing everything else as "sunbaked." Everything is turning into a sunbaked urban outfitters catalouge. Played.

"A couple of your releases so far have had pictures of people skateboarding as the artwork. How much do you skate? Was it a thing you did when you were younger, or are you still really into it?
I skate, still. I'm not, like, trying to go hit up a 9-stair and bluntslide any rails or anything like that, but I fuck around on a skateboard. For whatever reason at that point in time when I was writing the record, the aesthetic of the sunny sort of, you know, alternative-kid skateboarder thing made sense to me. It looked good with the songs."

Alternative-kid skateboarder? Hey, I bought the record I don't hate the dude but alternative-kid skateboarder sounds terrible in an interview. I wonder how long this guy's been skating for because skateboarders haven't been alternative in a while.

dude got a gun pulled on him. fucking sketchy! dude deserved to get his ass beat/killed. you don't pull guns on people without the balls to pull the trigger. at least i wouldn't. which is why i'd never pull a gun on someone.

Statement as of 4:17 am EDT on July 27, 2009

... Unusually cool July for Central Park...

For some perspective... here are the top ten coolest julys on record
since 1869 for Central Park in New York city:

avg. Temp. Year
70.7 1888
71.9 1884
72.1 1914
72.3 2000/1871
72.4 1891
72.6 1895
72.8 1902/1869
72.9 1956
73.1 1890
73.2 2001

Due to the unusually cool conditions thus far in July... here are
some interesting facts to note...

With an average daily temperature of 71.8... currently running 4.5
degrees below normal... this July is on track for the second coolest
on record. Below average temperatures have occurred on 24 out of 26
days... with the other two days being normal. There have been zero
above normal days.

Central Park has only reached 85 degrees or higher once this
month... on the 17th... and has not yet reached 90 degrees this
Summer. If this continues through the end of the month... it will
only be the second time since 1869 that 90 degrees was not reached
in June or July. The only other time this occurred was 1996. -wunderground

Thanks to the spastic summer weather, I've become an avid forecast follower. It's like becoming a member of a secret, dorky cult that follows notoriously inaccurate information.

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