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flip flops are incomprehensible


the sound effect of the guy hitting the dog is a total beastie boys sample

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ATLANTA, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- Gardasil, a vaccine given teens to protect against cervical cancer, has been linked to unexplained deaths and other serious side effects, a U.S. report says.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said there have been 32 unexplained deaths among girls or women given Gardasil, ABC News reported Thursday, and a few instances of neurological disorders and blood clots. More common side effects include headaches and nausea.

More than 25 million doses of Gardasil have been administered in the United States. A course of three doses is recommended.

Gardasil protects women against the human papilloma virus, HPV, which causes cervical and other cancers. Experts recommend its administration before girls become sexually active with the indicated age range from 9 to 26.

Dr. Diane Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at University of Missouri, said girls who have been given one or two doses of Gardasil with no ill effects are unlikely to have adverse reactions to the third dose. She said parents might want to wait until their daughters are in their later teens before starting them on Gardasil.

crazy. a few years ago i tried out for this part for a gardasil commercial in the meatpacking district. They were looking for girls who could "do tricks" on their skateboards to be part of this active line up of young girls doing athletic things. although i like the idea of residual checks, i'm really bad at filling try out cards or whatever those things with your photos they give you to fill out. i ended up just drawing all over my face because i hated the picture and performed an unimpressive nollie pop shuv it in the try out. i made my friend come with me cause i felt like such a douche for going, and even 'til this day he teases me about putting upside down crosses on my picture. when the commercial eventually aired, the part was given to a girl with extremely long hair skating some stairs. i really didn't expect to have a chance, but now it feels missing out on a few residual checks to endorse medication that mysteriously kills people was probably for the better.

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I'll take ten of the yellow ones!!the music made me do it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

first fully operating day at the pop up shop. bryan came by to skate the mini. under all those boardslides and lipslides is a rasa libre board. i dont think ive seen a rasa libre board in years.

original bradley. didn't this guy get his own autumn shirt years ago for being a shop weirdo?

i think the people that pass by are afraid of the shop. i guess if i had no reference to anything, i'd just think the shop was kind of craze with ripped out walls with product on them. maybe people think that everything in the store is stolen and are afraid to touch things.

miniature sheltie, i wish i had a coke can i could put next to him. he was pretty much that small.


death traitors tyler and lurker lou

Eli talking about how my steez has changed since I was younger. He described it as "thugged out." I guess fourstar shirts, 34inch gap carpenter pants, and lakais is pretty thuggy. but i'll still call a bitch out even if i do wear tight pants now.

do you think people forget they're leaning against giant windows? i could say more especially about this particular "skater dater" author in this particular setting, but i'll just leave it alone before i morph into a total asshole.

lucy in the shop with wheels

brett land feeds lucy pizza. i think brett is so obsessed with teenage mutant ninja turtles he secretly hopes she will turn into raphael,leonardo,donatella, or michaelangelo.

do you think this rat cooks good ratatouille?i'd be kind of bummed if she was making my food, she kind of shit all over the counter.

jamie embracing pocket pets

front of the temporary store. anything? supreme? lit?? the fact is, lingering around on a sidewalk in a big group of young people is what street culture wetdreams are made of.

mooney asked if we had spitfire t-shirts so i gave him one. he still owes the shop money

yaje and kevin: highly unimpressed.

billy fixing the ramp after a piece of skate lite ripped off. there's nothing like an extra foot to keep you from slipping with sketchy power tools in your hands

12th and A.

Logo'ed out, I hate Autumn now.

Hopps is tight! Jahmal rips


Here at heavydiscussion.blogspot i like to remain as articulate and to the point as i can be about certain topics. every now and then i employ a team of off-duty google specialists to double check my facts and figures, but tonight, however, i can not keep myself from going on about a particular dickhead.

the night went on super rad at the quicksilver autumn party thing. the space was huge and mellow/busy enough that a yearly summer mini ramp set up might be in the works, but we'll see. off duty cops/exmarines even secured the spot without craze wannabe stylist drama , so you know people were gettin' some good times on! rewind to the beginning of the day where i forgot my camera, wallet, and apartment keys. d'oh!

after the quicksilver event, met up with my roommate at 666 Greenwhich st. yes I said 666. I had my own stipulations but felt I was feeling more satanic this month so i went. fast forward! it was one of those luxury apartments that take up an entire west village block, next to gourmet garage, and look like hotel rooms from the hallway. they even have those grey ghetto micro rectangular door buzzards under the apartment number.

i walked in relieved to have finally found the correct apartment, and noticed the chinese new year decorations plastered on the dining room cabinets. I was welcomed with a seat, but immediately neglected by the host with his insatiable appetite for finding a new wallet on the internet. fortunately, i was only there to get keys from my roommate, and talked to him and his girlfriend instead.

i honestly hate when people are rude with their cell phones, twitter, friendster, facebook, whatever phone technology, hand devices they got goin on! from the get go i felt like this guy was being super weird, i mentioned that i was from taiwan ( for future conversation points) and upon hearing me respond to a generic phrase he threw out, dismissed me as being " from america, or foreigner," in mandarin.

i understand shit like that. it's like saying white boy in english basically. this guy wouldn't even look me in the eyes to speak to me from the getgo, which i should've realized already he was a giant asshole. i excused his behavior as possibly being internet dependant and life skill retarded so didn't think too much about it.

it wasn't until i started talking about my cute 10 year old brother who lived in taiwan that things became more obvious. of how i was related to someone that young, a brief history of my parents separation, and geographical influences etc. which lead the conversation to steer in the direction that this guy was completely pro-china taiwan. i brought up my dad's pro-taiwanese independence activism and he stated how much he hated people like my dad. which basically means he believes that taiwan will eventually become a legitimate part of china, which means your dad should stop being an opinionated asshole and go die. which also basically means that taiwan, and it's milions of people,should give up their democratic tendencies and succumb to communism. oh really? good thing you weren't around when every war in the world started, you dictator dickhead.

for whatever reason, whether taiwan was colonized by the japanese, the chinese, the dutch, or whoever, i argued that even if he felt that taiwan belonged to china in the fucking ming dynasty or whateverm and that we were all physically from china, i could argue that we were all african in the same defense. so what then? so why argue for the defense of outdated physiological evidence of your dna? wouldn't it be more accurate and for the larger benefit of humans to identify as pro-democratic or pro-communist? if even just those two shitty choices?

of course,despite this legit question, like a broken record he just said " i just believe that taiwan will become a part of china one day and thats just how it is." well, really, that just means you're purely incapable of intelligent conversation and so hung up on your million dollar holiday inn condo if i was more taiwanese i would just break every fucking window in your stupid fucking apartment!!!!

but, my parents collectively taught me better. so i just talked shit about you on the internet. uuuuugggghhhhhhharrrrrrrrrrrghgggghhhh!!!!!!you cat eating, taiwanese dad hating dickhead!!!!!!


it turns out that guy is a 46 year old queen that enjoys the capitalist lap of luxury in his corporate lawyer boyfriend's penthouse in the sky, yet doesn't understand why being pro-communism would be offensive? fag.