Saturday, September 26, 2009


Carl Sagan feat. Stephen Hawking. Some next level shit. Stephen hawking been having the T-Pain app.

This video is ridiculous. As in awesome. 7 minutes is a bit much, 3:37 is a pretty sweet shot.

Friday, September 25, 2009


but easy to read from across the room.. thats what i get for trying to change my template.. uuugggghhh


My new desktop image for sure

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Technology is not just scary, it's essentially terrifying. I don't even know half of the insane shit crazy people want to use technology for. All I know is that when I'm 50, I don't want blackberry instant messanger chat in my blood cells.

Cellular drama should be it's own genre. next to bad thrillers that take place on yahts


Wednesday, September 23, 2009



One of the coolest things about living in New York is randomly finding out a friend is in town for a whatevz art show. So, you show up and it turns out ( somehow ) its one of the few shitfest end of summer, westside art gallery jump offs. Let's just say that while you patiently wait outside among a can of human sardines, people tend to get ruthless with their unfiltered comments. People pull out local cards ( L.A. cards), cool cards, "fabulous" cards, whatever cards they can squeeze out between their wine chapped lips. It's retarded.

First photo. Apparently this car was wrecked the day before to achieve the likeliness of the car in the projected film. i have a poor 12 hour memory so I forgot what everyone said the film was from.Boise boys, holla!

Jen Grom flew in from the Maldives. Artificially windswept hair

bands played in the center of the place.. while the centerpiece of the show was the black and white 5boro bro tat desktop background



I made everyone take unwilling pictures next to the wrecked car because it was pretty boring. It was so crowded the only places you could stand were directly in front of the paintings. ironically , you'd have to compromise your physical coordinates in front of burning spotlights

parties are kind of like head on car wrecks. everyone rubbernecking, typical.

waste posin'

waste pose number 2!

me with my own pose. with not coffee

one man band

two man shaka band: sean and randy

betsey johnson 2010 lurkers

bill pierce and danny falla probably trying to get the ef out of there

keith and mancub accessorizing each other outside

the best thing about this photo is jen was rolling her 18th spliff of the night. I introduced Righty (blue jacket) to Jen to which she asked, "your name is WHITEY?"

Ray philosophizing the former Brownies? Browny's? " Some of the sickest shows he'd ever seen

Van's miniature origami bookcase. Totally sick nimble hands built that

Sexy hot rock plant I painted. I suck at shading. as for the real art show of the evening, I didn't see any of it, but would consider the musicians the most artistic and creative point of the night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


This song is unreal. I think Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time" has a companion in epic hitz land. R Kelly Who?




It turns out more people than I think read my shitty blog. It would be such a bummer to think that my internet vehicle of randomness could be capable of starting rumors. This particular Mike Wright one had been told to me the other night by a pretty credible source who was distraught by the news. He said that specifically on the news the words "profressional skateboarder mike wright" had been aired on NY1. Other than that I have no idea who the person who actually ended up getting hurt was or anything like that. I apologize to anyone I misinformed but know that it was not intentional and above all not meant to be started as a malicious rumor. I guess the only difference between me and some other people is that I have a blog. I feel like I should definitely own up to this mistake. While looking for pictures of Mike online I should have doublechecked NY1 but didn't. So. my bad. Here is the actual article of the person who was killed. At least his last name was Wright? Dang..

Vigil Tonight for Student Slain in Mistaken Identity Stabbing

Police have told the family of a 21-year-old East Harlem man that he was fatally stabbed in the neck Saturday evening at the Lower East Side Baruch Houses because of mistaken identity. Glen Wright, who by all accounts was a beloved young man enrolled at Borough of Manhattan Community College, was there helping his grandmother clean her windows. He was getting a breath of fresh air when a gang looking for revenge for an earlier attack approached from behind, and one man plunged a knife into the back of his neck. His grandmother, Lummie Wright, tells the Daily News, "He was running for his life. He made it all the way to the front door and they chased him [and] they stabbed him once more."

Wright's father Peter witnessed his son's murder, and tackled one of the suspects after a chase. He tells the News, "I saw guys running and I ran after them. Then I saw my son. He was at the right place at the wrong time. He lost so much blood." Suspect Joel Herrera, 20, was arraigned on murder charges, and told detectives he confused Wright with someone who assaulted one of his friends. Wright died at Bellevue Sunday afternoon; a vigil will be held tonight at 5 p.m. the East Harlem Tutorial Program, where Wright worked and volunteered.

According to his family, Wright spent most of his time caring for his 14-year-old brother, who has Down syndrome; his mother died several years ago. In High School, Wright had distinguished himself by participating in an after-school robotics team that went to the national finals. His teacher tells the Times, "In this profession, you’re not supposed to have favorites, but he was probably my favorite." Jeff Ginsburg, executive director of the East Harlem Tutorial Program, adds, "He was just one of these guys who was so caring. I know it’s cliché to say it, but everyone loved him."

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Is alive and doing well apparently? I feel kind of dumb making that last post based on pretty legit sources. Official Skateboards has cleared up that it was a different Mike Wright. Whatever the case may be, the one we all thought it was is fine. Jesus! How many mistaken identities can happen in one day? Regardless, whoever ended up getting stabbed, it's still sad. But I'm actually kind of confused. This is pretty much how the Chad Muska being dead rumor that was pretty big in the 90's got started.