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There's nothing like endless puke

What?? Why pay 24.99 when you can make your own for free, so easy

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This kid shreds. It's pretty touching to see someone shred that hard. Cause usually it means they mean it. Guitars are one thing, but you can't fake that accordion funk. Cause ain't no groupies waiting for you backstage, just you know, your parents.


Previous Nobel Peace Prize winners (since 1979):

2009: Barack Obama
2008: Martti Ahtisaari
2007: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Al Gore
2006: Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank
2005: International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei
2004: Wangari Maathai
2003: Shirin Ebadi
2002: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
2001: United Nations, Kofi Annan
2000: Kim Dae-jung

1999: Medecins Sans Frontieres
1998: John Hume, David Trimble
1997: International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Jody Williams
1996: Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, Jose Ramos-Horta
1995: Joseph Rotblat, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
1994: Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin

1993: Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk
1992: Rigoberta Menchu Tum
1991: Aung San Suu Kyi
1990: Mikhail Gorbachev
1989: The 14th Dalai Lama
1988: U.N. Peacekeeping Forces
1987: Oscar Arias Sanchez
1986: Elie Wiesel
1985: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
1984: Desmond Tutu
1983: Lech Walesa
1982: Alva Myrdal, Alfonso Garcia Robles
1981: Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees
1980: Adolfo Perez Esquivel
1979: Mother Teresa

President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".

"Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," the Norwegian Nobel Committee said.

"His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population."

Mr Obama's name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many Nobel watchers believed it was too early to award the president.

The committee said it attached special importance to Mr Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.-via mirror uk


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Holy shit! Fight on the Muni!!! Feelin' the heat on that bus! The Asian lady was holding down that bus seat for sure. What is that the Powell street bus? The dialect of Cantonese the Asian lady was speaking is super Toisan ( or however you spell it) Grandma speak! I could barely catch anything that lady was talking so fast. I did hear her say in the end when the young asian chick tries to break up the fight "AND YOU'RE CHINESE" as if being Chinese looking means you gotta be down for Chinatown and let your people keep swinging. ( Don't get it twisted though, I'm always down for Chinatown! I'd let her swing til they were in the front of the bus!!! ) The girl probably wasn't Chinese or didn't know how to speak Chinese because she just stood there bummed.

That chick should have backed down from the Asian lady. Everyone knows most middle aged Asian ladys never fight back, so when you actually encounter one that you actually gotta puff your chest out at to look bigger AND is speaking so fast and loud that she actually REMEMBERS the ONLY ENGLISH SWEAR WORDS SHE CANT EVEN REMEMBER. it's time to give it up or get side kicked. This shit was intense. The black chick tried to deliver that direct punch in the face like she was reliving her days in the high school esplanade. That lady got off that bus though cause she wasn't expecting her to fight back. You know like 80% expecting her not to fight back. PLUS, no young asian girl with like an oversized designer handbag is going to pose as an obstacle of a black lady and an asian lady fully engaged in race wars. I'm glad that asian lady represented, don't take no shit from nobody!!!!!!Cause I know personally what it's like for people to think you're not going to do shit or even SAY shit just cause you aaaaaasssssiiiiaaannn.More importantly, battling for a muni seat ain't got nothing on The Great Leap Forward!!! dannggg..



Earlier this week, 1.5 million people filled the streets of Berlin, Germany to watch a several-day performance by France's Royal de Luxe street theatre company titled "The Berlin Reunion". Part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Reunion show featured two massive marionettes, the Big Giant, a deep-sea diver, and his niece, the Little Giantess. The storyline of the performance has the two separated by a wall, thrown up by "land and sea monsters". The Big Giant has just returned from a long and difficult - but successful - expedition to destroy the wall, and now the two are walking the streets of Berlin, seeking each other after many years and the arts are still seriously funded in other parts of the world. It's good to see where money can go aside from funding wars. I'm also a big fan of giant shoes. Costumewise it's interesting to see what kind of insane shoes they chose to construct for these massive marionettes.


1. Antarctica


3.Benin Empire

4.The North Caucasian Emirate, Russia (1918-1921)

5.Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia


A zonkey (also known as zebrass, zebronkey, zeass, zeedonk, zedonk, zebadonk, zenkey, donbra, donbri, donkra, zebrinny, clive, zebrula) is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. The generic name for crosses between zebras and horses or asses is zebroid or zebra mule. "Zonkey" is not the technically correct name for such a cross. The most commonly accepted terms are zebrinny, zebrula, and zedonk. Donkeys are closely related to zebras and both animals belong to the horse family. Zonkeys are very rare.[1]

A Tijuana Zebra or zonkey (although the latter term may also refer to a cross between a zebra and a donkey[1]) is a donkey that has been painted with stripes so that it looks like a zebra.


one of the best pranks ever, the first one is the best

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ain't it a bitch when you think you're punching a helpless fag in the face and it turns out the guy is a cagefighter?


This shit is super fucked up. Straight up blackface on an Austrailian t.v. show. Wow. What's interesting too is a bunch of people that were in the audience were pretty young and they were all clapping like a bunch of robots regardless of whether the blackface was performing or Harry Connick Jr. was calling that shit out. I can't imagine how it must be for the aboriginees living in Austrailia if even something as demeaning as this for Americans can exist there.


EMBED-Fat Guy Screams for McDonald's Chicken - Watch more free videos

there's nothing like yelling for your mcdonald's chicken at walmart

little gangsters

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a good reason to stay off the roads. Instead of titling it Bike Car Accident Funny they should have called it what it really is: Insane.


The controversy that has clouded Caster Semenya's victory at the Women's 800 Meter race in Berlin has ultimately left her internationally humiliated. Extensive gender testing results have been scrutinized until the olympic mob finally got what they wanted. Apparently, there is enough evidence to convict her of being a hermaphrodite in women's running shorts. They want to strip her medal because she's not a woman. But she is a woman, she's just both. She's a Jamie Lee Curtis, she's an intersex child.

An Italian rival, Elisa Cusma Piccione, called her a man. Russian runner Mariya Savinova agreed. "Just look at her," she told journalists in Berlin. Semenya has probably been taunted her whole life because of her broad features. I mean, your average non-intersex female going through adolescence will undoubtedly go through the whole " you look like a man" starting from middle school when your eyebrows may grow in a little thicker than usual, or when your legs start sprouting strands of hair and nobody's taught you how to shave yet. There are thirty year old women that barely grow hair on their legs, which one could argue in the realm of feminity they are essentially more feminine in their lack of hair than women who wax constantly. But that would be a pretty rootless, insensitive, assumption, though based on obvious manifestations of differing horomone levels. It's like a really fucking mean joke that people keep calling you a man past high school, really.

What people have been saying about this controversy is the gender testing has been handled extremely insensitively, epitomized by the media finding out her gender results even before her. According to a few news outlets, South Africans have rallied around Semenya, angered by Western judgments over the appearance of an African woman. For many black South Africans, the questions about her gender and identity are culturally inappropriate and demeaning. Both South Africa's ruling ANC party and the Young Communist League of South Africa have backed the runner.

"It feeds into the commercial stereotypes of how a woman should look, their facial and physical appearance, as perpetuated by backward Eurocentric definition of beauty." is a quote from the league that I agree with. Because let's face it, if Jamie Lee Curtis was running in that race, would there really have been this insatiable shitstorm media frenzy surrounding the almost immediate assumption that Caster Semenya is a man and that she should be stripped of her medal? Sure, Jamie Lee Curtis might not have beat the silver medalist by a football field's distance, but one must wonder how defeaning it must have been to legitly run that race, win it, to only have a stadium of people think you're basically a cheater?

My point here is that, I think there are a lot of glaring hypocricies in the way that the western media therefore western society, handles even the most generic ideas of feminity with or without the scientific tests to make people seem less like the judgemental, hyporcrytical assholes they are. This particular incident has only catapulted this swept issue to an international centerstage, but without relevant dialogue that has only barely touched gay marriage in recent years, will most likely be remembered as an unfortunate loophole case of how " a man" got to dress like a girl and win a medal.

The way this issue has been handled has reflected a gross disconnect among developed nations, the ultimate judgers of all the world's woes and harbingers of justice and logic, which usually project themselves as do-good progressives. But what's so progressive about still being hung up on the existence of intersex beings magically appearing out of nowhere and dethroning the mere definitions of their own athletic rules and regulations? It sounds what's really going on is that people need to get their shit together and rewrite a more concise objective as to what these games may actually represent. These races are meant for all humans, not just the ones that don't translate easily into television and a "normal", maxim subscribing, man's arousal meter.

Maybe what they really want are superior athletes that demonstrate exacting levels of either estrogen and or testosterone to partake in their definition of a fair competition. Oh wait, but then any under normal circumstance that shit would be prejudice! I mean, everyone else can run in the Special Olympics is what I'm getting. Though ultimately, we are all born the way we are, the attempt at an absolute fairness call on behalf of Semenya's controversy is a kind of cop out to people who consciously use outside drugs to alter their bodies for a chance at national triumph and physical supremacy. It's insulting and hurtful to be subjegated to such unsettling, immoral allegations based on the nature of your biology.

The many niches of sexuality and sexual identity as human beings have been blanketed by insufficient education and dialogue about even the mere existence of said persons in our societies. not just hermaphrodites, but other unique horomonal variations and ambiguous genders as well. and who can forget all the hi-def reality t.v. shows that force us to look at ourselves as the two dimensional, disappointingly normalized, characters that the media convinces we all encompass? that we are all somehow unable to challenge the roles we are given, but instead we celebrate the complacency to do what we're told, believe what they say, and that the only happinnesss you'll ever get is floating around somewhere in yet to be produced commercial. That if you don't fall between the lines you will become obsolete.

The way we look at ourselves is skewed, yet we are ready to condemn any person that would disarm or challenge a collective identity because they are secure within theirs. Though she won the race and clearly showcased her command as an athlete, it just goes to show that no matter how sure you are of yourself, no matter how well you perform, the world is always waiting to find a way to erase an anomoly that doesn't reflect traditional interest. On so many levels this incident required a thoughtful step back. And it took me like two hours to articulate the annoyance.


Another reason why people that live in Williamsburg are fucking annoying. Because they tweet about broken down L trains that inhibit them from crossing into Manhattan for an hour. These creatures of Williamsburg/Greenpoint loathe the inconvient thought of walking 10 more blocks to the JMZ train. What a bunch of lazy douschebags. I actually prefer the J train because I can comfortably sit in a train full of people that don't look like complete assholes, and look like real people that don't consider tweeting normal. Plus the JMZ runs all the time and is overground. I think the only reason why people don't back the JMZ train is cause it doesn't drop you off in front of Whole Foods and Diesel.

looking for apartments has been one of the most trialing experiences in recent memory. almost scarring. I'm not sure which was more discouraging, three out of 11 brokers not even showing up to confirmed appointments, almost 90% of all people showing apartments running at least 15-30 minutes late, or the fact i was subjected to three, separate, intensely unhygenic lifestyle examples of how to not keep your apartment. And you can't even blame moving on the untidiness because nothings in boxes and there's no reason there are about 12 pans of various leftover decomposition stages stacked in the sink. Meanwhile, carelessly left open cupboards expose a cafeteria's worth of other pots and pans. Who the hell needs that many pots and pans unless they treat that shit like dirty underwear and just keeping buying new ones when the old ones get dirty? It was the only reasonable explanation. One place was pretty grotesque, of course there was a cat aimlessly wandering, drunk off the stench of piles of unwashed clothes, stale colonies of cigarettes, and hazardous amounts of forgotten dishes. I don't understand how some people can live with such obnoxious disregard to their surroundings, it makes me annoyed. Why don't you not flush your daily shits for a few months and let that shit topple the brim while you're at it? It's insulting someone could think they could squeeze $$ out of a shithole just because they think I don't have eyes. Does the notion, " don't insult me with your garbage?" not extend to many of the clueless, quack realtors showing apartments?

when it comes down to it, some of the worst people are slobs and quacks. the truth is, slobs are revolting and quacks should not be certified to do anything, ever. they shouldn't even be allowed to work at radioshack where they can still ruin your day. And it's scary to think that naturally as a human, there's a part of us that one day may suddenly choose to live like a piece of shit and give up. it's pretty much encrypted in human dna, i just hope it's a recessive trait that skips a bunch of generations.


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William Tager (born November 9, 1947) is a Charlotte, North Carolina man who allegedly assaulted Dan Rather and later murdered Campbell Montgomery because of his belief that television networks were watching him and sending him signals.
On October 4, 1986, Rather was attacked on Park Avenue by one or two men, presumed to have been mentally disturbed, who repeatedly yelled "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" The assailant or assailants were not apprehended or identified at the time. This event was the inspiration for the song "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" by the band R.E.M.

On August 31, 1994, Tager shot and killed Campbell Theron Montgomery, a technician employed by NBC, outside of the stage of the Today show. Psychiatrist Dr Park Dietz interviewed Tager. During these interviews, Tager stated he believed that television networks were monitoring him and beaming messages into his head and revealed he was Rather's assailant.
In 1996, Tager was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years imprisonment for 1st degree manslaughter in the case of Montgomery's murder. As of 2007 he is incarcerated in Sing Sing prison in New York state. Tager was denied parole in 2007, and can reappear before the parole board in October 2010.[1]