Friday, December 4, 2009

Regardless of how one may feel about the issue of gay marriage, this was a great demonstration of senator savino's conviction on the issue.


Why do the Brits get all the good tv shows? Probably because they were fucking genius to ask David Cross to write an exclusive show for them. "Shut your fucking talkhole!!!" Yes!!!


Kathleen Hanna has a blog and I found this artist through it. Her name is Sarah Maple and she is someone I'd probably find extremely funny. Despite all the lame ass people who take personality shortcuts and subscribe to the same general artistic formulas of identity exploration etc etc, one can not fake the cultural funk with its unpredictable and individual themes. It's always refreshing to see works from females who utilize their original, stand out perspectives to make people think through their art/performance/personalities. And better yet laugh, or just stop to smell the hypocrycies and doublestandards. I mean, I get far more from seeing art like this than I do of of female photographers or hell driven "it" girls doing naked handstands of themselves for "arts" sake.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The coolest thing that can happen when you move apartments is either a) finding money or b) finding undeveloped film. The worst thing is probably losing the right foot on a pair of shoes you've been working on. Anyway, I've had this disposable drugstore camera sitting around hidden for two years. Yes, two years! I took these photos when I was in London for a shoe intensive in 2007. I take squat pictures filmwise compared to how many photos I take on my digital camera, but every now and then I am pleased with the results from disposables. Unfortunately I didn't make a cd for these so I just rigged some photos of actual pictures from my digital. So technically these are digital photos..D'oh!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Autumn has a tendency to go through sporadic renovations. We now have an actual dressing room. Looking at it the other day I thought it might be cool to take photos of people in it. Like a bootleg Sears set up.Here are a few photos from yesterday. I'll probably take more of different people in the future. It's pretty fun to document these sorts of nerdy things..


Old reels of monkeys ice skating. I think it's really impressive! That last jump over those obstacles was so very steezy. More steez than most humans!


Dave's been joking around about challenging Supreme's owner (and staff?) to a duel for shops. The rules are simple, winner takes the other person's shop!! If Supreme won, they could have Autumn, and I'm sure that would include the Autumn Bowl and a few t shirts!! If Dave won, he'd get to pawn the secret mega stash of Damien Hirst boards he'd now own and get handed an obsenely successful online store and probably retire as a multi-millionaire. Shit is funny!! What better way to celebrate humor than to create more photoshop litter for the internet? Coupled with my obssessive appetite for random images and my first ever!! copy of photoshop, this shit is bound to happen. And no, I did not photoshop that guitar into Muhammad Ali's hands. But I will take credit for taking that photo of Dave with a gatorade towel on his head and adding that! GOD BLESS COPY, PASTE, AND THE TRANSFORM BUTTON!!!

Subtle? Yet refined..


I didn't make this, but a Twilight fan did. Which means 1 out of 3 people could have made this.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One of the sickest rugs I've ever seen

Seeing someone's dad's penis is weird.

Marilyn smokin' ganj.