Saturday, December 26, 2009


I don't think I like any of their other songs? My bloody valentine is one of my all time favorite bands. This song is pretty solid.. I wish there was an actual video.


I found this amazing blog called girlsofebay.tumblr because I have an internet lurking problem. I think this is someone's side project blog. Much like people of walmart, girls of ebay has unlimited potential for sucking up the juice in my retinas. Sure zines are dead to people with no money and resources, but I feel like these sorts of side project blogs are kind of an amazing blessing when you find them. Just how endless the possibilities to find the most random niche on the internet dedicated to something you might have joked about is overwhelming. There has to be something said for these countless chicks on ebay that sell shit. From the way they write their listings, to the way they coordinate their outfits, to the appropriate lighting and background situations.. it's all quite straight forward and easily overlooked until it's been gathered and presented in such a way that it becomes something completely different. I don't necessarily think I'd buy any of this gear, but the way they all rep their shit is pretty funny. Proof that you can be a parody of yourself without trying for sure. So stoked on this.

This has got to be one of my favorites. She reminds me of Marc Johnson in Yeah Right when he goes around flashing people under his trench coat.

It's 1:02 A.M. and Christmas is officially over?

Friday, December 25, 2009

I'd hate to see michael douglas at a SuNac in Brooklyn.

Green Jello? This is totally terrible. Early 90's brah!


Thursday, December 24, 2009



Jokes! Winter Solstice at the Farmhouse aka Maximum Morrissey Den

Nobody can touch the holiday setups in here! I think my past four christmases met up in this living room. Christmas away from home has been my tradition, but it's nice to be bombarded with holiday cheer.

Serious cookie cheers. Everybody kept eating the red ones, I wonder why.. And yes, they were as good as they look. But probably better.

Permanently dressing in the bathroom

Lookin to the right

Lookin' to the left

Lookin' back to the right. This is what happens when there is an absent T.V. and people are actually talking to each other.

Jerry and the Birdfeeders

Did I forget to mention it was snowing insane amounts of snow outside? Apparently, one of the worst ten blizzards in area history was taking place admist our evening plans. I didn't really mind though, it looked like how it was supposed to look in December.

Of course I wore slip-ons. Isn't that what you're supposed to wear in a snowstorm?By far one of the worst things about being a product of California is the missing snow savvy I miserably lack. When it's snowing buckets and you can't see the curbs from the street, this is the most opportune time to roll your ankle aimlessly stepping about while excitedly celebrating the weather.

Deleted scenes from The Day After Tomorrow. Everybody was dressed in black, I guess winter gear doesn't come in party colors.

Nordstrom visually impaired

The real reason why anybody enjoys winter storms is so they have an excuse to run and push cars down the street as fast as they can when they're stalled