Saturday, January 9, 2010




My wallet is full of discount cards rather than cash is a great line among others. The original complains choir started in Birmingham, England and has spread around the world. Seriously, all over the place. I tried watching all of their complaints but most of them couldn't compare to this one. The Tokyo choir kills it

The amaetur Jethro Tull cover band practicing around the block will never rock..damn!Chi-town isn't Detroit but I'm sure they've got lots to complain about

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I remember when I was 8 both my top front teeth fell out that year. We used the slammed door routine to get them out. I can't even imagine how scared I'd be if somebody wanted to get it out via bow and arrow. that's some weird, tooth pulling sub genre.

Subgenres are plentiful on youtube

OK, I can't share asian parodies with my mom. She gets super offended. When I saw this I thought it might be borderline "adopted asian kid exploitation" but it was actually kind of funny cause his delivery is pretty accurate compared to the actual innocent playfulness and naivity of a Welch's commercial. Plus he's so cute! I like how the "Chinese" guy on the label looks like a secret Cambodian drug lord wearing an upside down dog cone ...

The boy can act! David Miyahara

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


troll 2 was pretty bad.. but danny devito's toes probably recieve more disgust. his tags included: Danny DeVito, troll, feet, ugly, smelly, photographs, photos, pictures, weird, ew, gross

Four hours at Home Depot a week and you're considered technically "employed." That is not far from the truth. The system is not equipped to solve the problems for the whole, it's just equipped to give you a skewed representation of what you can already see all around you. When did you stop listening to the weatherman?

What happens when times are rough? You sell weed. Duh

And to think.. all this time this was what the lion was trying to say..

Quite possibly the best thing you will see today

Licks for days

Monday, January 4, 2010


Shouldn't this be on a skit for Tim and Eric's show or something? Booty Pop wouldn't be so bad.. that is until you've been caught wearing some. That would be nothing short of humiliating. Booty pop!

It's not a joke. These are real. But then again The View isn't real, it's a joke. Anything that constitutes padding purely for superficial enhancement is laughable. Should I care that your ass is full of fake padding? Get used to what you have, cause you gotta' take off that underwear at some point.. Besides, I bet that shit would be weird, it'd probably make your ass sore after you sat on it for a while.. cause you know.. it's not your actual ass?


Thx M

Sunday, January 3, 2010