Saturday, February 13, 2010



Plastic bags with dripping enamel

Taxidermied birds in handmade wool outfits



Friday, February 12, 2010


So Sick!!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


RAVE ON Vimeo.

Finally getting a firewire has changed the face of my internet. Editing is addicting, even if you suck at it! I have about 12 hours of forgotten digicam tapes I am putting together to some extent, so expect some more vimeos in the future..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


All Girls Skate Ham from on Vimeo.

Finally put something together from this past weekend..


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My second installment of girls of ebay. The person that does the girls of ebay tumblr finally updated. I wonder where this guy finds this shit. I love that tumblr site, it's so genius! As much as I am on Ebay, I've never come across such priceless portraitures. I love trying to figure out what they're selling..

Definitely the sword? Girl included..


We are the world type things are sooooo painfully cheesy. When is Celine Dion not all up in it?Let it go TITANIC!!! Celine Dion reallly annoys me. Ughhhhh.. but the fact Beyonce was so into the 3-d is pretty funny. Like sooooooo into it, I thought it was rad. It's better than being too cool for school! I mean, what if those 3-d glasses were really good 3-d glasses? Maybe she DID think she could touch the killer whale.. anyways.. What ABOUT babyboy?

Keep em' coming..


Mexican Dairy aisle, sick.

Superbowl partys bring a serious chip game

The house we went to was in Highland Park, on the hill. So L.A., nice weather, so tight!

Vanessa and Lacey

Instant pizzas that aren't Red Baron.. Red Barons are the best small pizzas. I stand by them

Amy and Alexis. Aspiring doctors??No joke. Alexis has been killing it skatewise.. wow, flatground machine.

Best sweatshirt

My last night in Long Beach I ate something worth throwing back up. It sucked. The curse of the superbowl mystery snack..

3 FOR $1

Went to the Redroom and the bartender gave me an apple juice serving of jameson. She told me not to puke! She was so sweet!

Bars on the weekend are already kind of whatevz.. watched one of the seven televisions they had on. I couldn't stop thinking about how badly dressed snowboarders are. I mean, this is just fucking terrible.

Watched this guy bomb an insane hill, notice knees are still bent as to not eat shit from speed wobbles

I was told this bar was fun, but this bar totally sucked. It was almost as bad as seeing a guy earlier wearing a "Everybody loves an Asian Boy" t shirt..

Saw this puppy outside the skatepark and asked the girl what his name was. She said he didn't have a name because she just got him.. so cute!Little street looking dog

Avocados are 3 for $1 in L.A. WTF!!!!!!! New York sucks for fresh produce


Hit up the studio at Amy's to lay some serious tracks down. (Jokes!) But Amy's been killing it at home with her music.. trying to edit some youtube thing while im out in California. Hopefully Amy will give me some soundtrackage..Btw, Marisa is a talented vocalist, she can do really good Timbaland impressions

They're either dancing to Crime Mob or Phil Collins..

Good ol' Pegs

Bangin' breakfast spots in California are where it's at. We went to the potholder and the coffee cup while I was in Long Beach. Both really good. Food's so good.. especially when the house fries are twisty, curly fries! What!!

Postcard to New York: Later! New Long Beach TF at Cherry Park. Anytime I think about Cherry Park I think about Rob G and Danny Montoya. consecutive 411 viewings will do that.

Not pictured here: Ashely giving me the sickest pair of lamb skin Italian boots and vintage double strap ankle boots. So stokeddd

Bike rides. I ride bitch it's just what I do.