Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're Desperate

Morgan MySpace Video


Someone caught up with Vietnam Tom in North Beach..Dang..!! the truth will put your ass back in the pen!!I can't believe the black dude had killed somebody and was out on the streets within 15 years. Gnarly! Strange how things turn out, viral video perspective wise. Turns out that the black guy who clearly defies unjustified, unsolicited racism and will fight to the death is a homicidal convict!!!! What people of the internet may not be used to is this shit happening all the time in the bay area. You can't ever judge this shit straight out, especially on the INTERNET. Of course the two universal roles they both play in the cliche world of diverse public transit, appeal to everyone on the internet, so people are quick to pick sides.

And sure Vietnam Tom asserts he's not "racist" but uses the term "China Man" to solidify his case. But how can you hold a war vet who's spun in a downward spiral accountable for not being "politically correct"? You don't. Most people have complicated histories, which observing humans by default ignore when diagnosing viral videos. It's pretty unsettling that this old guy gets constantly fucked with, so much he has to carry a knife because it's actually practical. As for the Oakland A's taser footage, we all know that the police is the biggest punk asshole there is. That chick who filmed it still needs to get punched in the mouth. There's an interview online with her, but it's not even worth acknowledging, she is as stupid as she sounds. And apparently she robbed the white guy, taking his bag and going through his shit while filming it? Really cool, I'm glad you got to defy racism and violence by posting your ignorance fueled, racist video online and by robbing an old man all at the same time. It's probably better off that anytime her name ever gets googled she's just going to be the annoying, racist, black girl forever. And the black dude that got his ass whooped is probably never getting out of jail on account of his probation violation and that his pulpy, leaking face will be immortalized by at least three different gifs and a handful of youtube reedits.

Probably the strangest thing I've read regarding this is how a lot of people view Vietnam Tom a "hero". I think that's kind of weird considering all he did was stand up for himself. If it is so rare to find someone that essentially stands up for themselves, that's pretty sad. And I'm sure these same people that would view Vietnam Tom a hero would also view Spiderman as a GOD.


Friday, February 19, 2010




What the hell! I totally called it. The 7 foot crazy from the bus ass kicking has another youtube of him getting tased at an A's game a few years ago. He was "resisting arrest" apparently. His nick names include: Tom Slick, Vietnam Tom, and Epic Beard Man.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



HAAAAAHAHA!How have I never seen this?? OH internet..

I'm not even ashamed that I like Phil Collins. a lot. So I was stoked to find his serious hits live cd at goodwill! and yes, it makes me feel weird that I like his shit as much as I do. There's something about his serious jams and just 80's arena rock in general that makes me wanna get a fat perm and do like a million jumping jacks and high kicks in a room full of balloons and neon lights..while an epic brass band eggs me on


Thanks Charlie!



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whoa. Mavericks..Nice camera!Some parts look like green screen but its obviously not.. pretty sweet..


Most amazing 12 year olds ever..!!This is basically Jaws reedit 1978 12 year old style..

These kids were getting busy..!

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, going to the dentist is at about 100. And yes, this is an xray of my jacked teeth. And yes that is a screw going through one of my teeth, actually I have screws in four teeth. Godddddddd...


Best Chatroulette face ever..

Totally normal..


My favorite part is how I found this under " Fuck this baby"


When are racially motivated bus fights not happening in the bay area? Either a black lady's gotta' underestimate the Chinese lady or the Black dude's gotta underestimate the 70 year old White guy. Holy shit. The fight happens after a minute, but it's kinda tight to see this dude get fucking whooooped. Who doesn't like to see a cocky ass dude get his ass whooped? What's up with people always thinking slight confrontation is a segway to an easy fight if the other person is white or asian? But don't get me wrong, the old white guy seems like no angel. he seems like he's seen his fair share of war crimes. Of course the camera starts rolling after some other shit went down, but are you so lame you gotta' fuck with old people? People will talk all kinds of shit, but you better get ready to get your ass rained on no matter what you think. Because what you think sometimes isn't always what you get. And this is no exception. I mean come on the guy is wearing an "I am a motherfucker" t shirt, he's like 7 feet tall and foaming through his beard. He probably killed babies in Vietnam, what was that guy thinking?? And the chick filming, worst chick ever. She definitely sounded like she needed a punch in the mouth.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A photo to live and die by.. Ice Cream Dog before Ice Cream Kids...



So awesome!Thanks Jerry

Siiiicck. You can save your Coke commercials, this clip rules.

Why does all the weird, crazy shit happen in Taiwan??So gnarly.

What it looks like when a guy goes on a t.v. smashing spree at walmart

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Cargo Pants Unite!


HAWAIIAN 5-0'ED from .

Posted another clip from last summer. All this choppy editing makes me want to make a longer choppy edit. Stay tuned for the Rave at Tompkins part 2!!! Uploading that tomorrow..Weird Santa's got a full part