Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

M.I.A. disses Lady Gaga


We knew M.I.A. was creative. (Jeez, listen to a single bar! Or just take one look at her taste in Manish Arora!) But she really innovated in a recent interview with UK music rag, NME. In nearly every question they posed, she found a way to criticize pop’s reigning queen, Lady Gaga.

Do we still need record labels?

Are they even interested in making money from music anymore? Lady Gaga plugs 15 things in her new video. Dude, she even plugs a burger!

Note: We can’t imagine any scenario in which a question like that would go over very well with the head of N.E.E.T. Records!

And …
Do you think those programmes [X-Factor] and the Internet have destroyed the mythology around popstars?
I don’t know. Again, there’d Lady Gaga – people say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently, but she spits it out exactly the same! None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I fu**ing do! That’s a talent and she’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry last’s stab at making itself important — saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do It Yourself.

And …
How important are image and visuals to your music?

Very. But it’s not like “Haus of Gaga” (laughs). Me blindfolded with naked men feeding me apples and $hit.

I know it's like who cares about dumb shit. But I think its pretty rad she called that shit out pretty on point. Lady Gaga is an annoying human spectacle. Women dissing other women is always fascinating to me. And people outside are always like
"oh that chicks just jealous." I don't believe by being critical of others you are necessarily jealous. I think it's pretty insulting that people assume as a female if you are hating on something, it just means as a woman, most likely, your mind is not able to discern gender envy from an idea that genuinely questions your perspective on personal and gender integrity. I think the idea of women that commercially sexualize themselves while designating themselves as diplomats of female empowerment will eventually run into the other 30% of women who disagree. And a sense of humor goes a long way. M.I.A., funny, Haus of Gag not so much- more like a ton of funny, trife gear. Plus, MIA had a kid so I'm sure she's trying to speak out against people that will brainwash her kid into wearing crotchless panties to their 5th birthday.

Practicing my Chinese youtubewise

Very excited!What!? No cruisers??

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


On Easter, I hooked up some homies with some chocolate easter bunnies. Found Roxanne the biggest, goldest Easter Bunny I saw at Economy Candy.

Fierce dude bun! I wish I had hair like that

Sometimes I think Tino wears mostly white so he can make his gear look sketchy as fuck

Knee sharts

Justin with his immortalized random-lego-that-killed-his-collar-bone-last-year tat.

Dave hookin' it up on my last official day at Autumn. Quinciniera style. "Official last day" is a grouping of words I use loosely. I'll still be doing Bowl shit. I refuse to think I'm edging into a completely, kooky, corporate future. Never

BD and Marino accidently stumbled upon Dave's fake birthday. Ice cream cakes are so good

Dave assisted by graphic design professionals? Seth and Alan while they photoshop the kookiest business woman pushing down the street on a cruiser board with my face on her. I gotta' put it up here sometime. I "forgot" to forward it to myself.

Ants, a lot of ants!!!!!



70+ Degrees all week before I leave to China in a few days. Nice!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Standing cat, stand with me. I want to make him a lifeguard outfit. Why does this cat have to be owned by someone that frames grand theft auto posters? Do you think there's another standing cat staring back in? Only Stephen Hawkings knows.