Thursday, April 22, 2010


That asian people r so kewl

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alexa Meade is an installation artist based in the Washington, DC area. Her innovative use of paint on the three dimensional surfaces of found objects, live models, and architectural spaces has been incorporated into a series of installations that create a perceptual shift in how we experience and interpret spatial relationships.-ny modern met


Cute little trash kittennnn you're so cute! This guy was hanging out on the street weaving in and out of parked scooters and cars, laying in trash. I pulled my thigh muscle getting shots of this ball of orange fur.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I realize this is a bit fucked up. These were pretty much the only two random things in my downloads that were worth photoshopping into the same scene. A cat licking a rainbow ice-e and Buddy Holly's plane crash site.


Saw a woman cutting fish on the side of the street on my lunch break. Serious Asian cleavers

Preppin' the fish station

I must be such a weirdo taking photos of shit like this, she asked me "Do they not do this where you're from?" I wanted to say "Not squatting on the side of the road they don't" but who's gonna be rude?

Saw this guy playing pool. For the most part, this particular area seems pretty desolate during the day, but there were still some people out. He was wearing a cool military hat I wish he was still wearing. There's a lot of character in old men who wear beat up hats.

Different distance, same smile

People don't sue people in China. Hence potentially leg breaking ditches at bus stops

This guy had found a metal cup in this weird undeveloped part of the town, he was washing it out in this orange slush.
For the most part, China does not subscribe to religion hence monk killings and communism. I feel the concept of frugality is
extremely engrained and serves as a cultural creed that you will never fail to see in China, or Chinatown for that matter.

Took a photo of this. Potentially sick hip to skate

Gozer was here

I always take photos of mad chickens when I go to China. I see so many and they're so funny to chase around.