Saturday, May 1, 2010


Cutest thing I've ever seen in person. A basket full of baby chicks! I saw a girl on the street holding a small cage with a chick , feeding it water through a plastic soup spoon. I really wanted to see where she got it. Hours later, I saw this Chinese guy walking around with these straw scale like buckets hanging from a pole balancing on his shoulders. I asked politely if I could take a picture, and he said no in Chinese. So I took a photo anyway! These chicks are stupid cute!! I wish I could have stuck my hand in his basket full of chicks for an optimal desktop wallpaper photo.

Asian guys get all the chicks!!!

Chairman Mao is pleased you ordered the stir fry.

Good idea


25 to life

Almost every major street corner has variously maintained flower beds. They look really nice. It almost makes you forget how shitty people drive out here

Climbing soda mountain is every kid's dream. I really like the girl with the green shirt. She's really trying to clench her elbows into victory.

I saw this on a menu, "Other's ask the girl" and I thought to myself, "What a retarded drink." And then I realized I was the one who was retarded

I rock mall shirts

I rock mall grabs and these bejeweled hilary duff thrasher mules. They're not even SLIP ONS, they're MULES.

This guy was playing that horn super hard. Like with every breath of his being. And the little guy was singing and would make that face between songs. I gave them money.

This dog was wandering around on a busy street, it was really sad because he was really cute

He would just walk back and forth, until he kind of just disappeared. Notice how people park on the sidewalk

No you didn't! Chinese advertising meets American political slogans.

Tree cage

Here, I'm in Shenzen. Shenzen is a huge, thriving city located next to Hong Kong. I really like how everyone is looking up at my camera while I take this. When you take pictures in China, they think you're a big fucking weirdo

The police were holding an awareness rally. Awareness success. It's hard to not pay attention to that miniature weapon of mass destruction on top of the humvee. I really don't think those barrels shoot out nerf balls.

Sidewalk inferiority

This guy was really smart, he'd just start at the bottom of the escalator and let the escalator clean itself

So azn

Fake Hong Kong apartments. Oh yeah I'm in Hong Kong here, at The Peak. The highest point in Hong Kong

Stamps are so cool. Especially old used ones

Who said Asians like to work?

Vantage points; Hong Kong.

Back in Dongguan, this guy was coming out of a poultry market. I tried to catch this photo from the car. Not the worst photo since I thought he was going to be a giant streak.

Private three stair. Sick!

Not too shabby. Hotel pool. Can't swim. Story of my life.

Hotel lounging!

Someone referred me to to : Translated, look at this fucking hipster dot com. It's pretty funny. Not surprisingly most of the photos seem like they're from New York. But this is by far my favorite photo on that site. Though I've been accused as a "hipster", look at THESE fucking american apparel hipsters with their matching headbands and bear feet moccassins!!! But then again, baby bear in the corner with her polka dot flare and ironic teddy bear is probably the master of ceremonies. biggest fucking hipster in this picture.

But since we're on the topic of the Berenstein Bears, these covers were my favorite when I was young. Now I wanna rock these covers on a shirt.. Wanting to rock these on a shirt, by definition, would make me a fucking hipster.