Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Those Chinese kids at it again! Super cute achievement of the day!!Jump roping for the pride of the nation!


God damn accolades. One of the worst things about life is people saying they're going to do shit only to not come through. It's seriously annoying. Last night Autumn had a fundraiser with the help of Thrasher's skate rock tour. Of course Thrasher told us they were going to have a clean up crew and security for the event. Which, like any other reasonable event, should have. Because of this, a small collective of keyholders that we had organized were told they weren't needed for the event a day before the show.

I guess it wouldn't be such a bummer if a) I didn't just come back from a three week trip to China a day before to do a job that theoretically should have been covered b) people that don't skate that go to these shows throw you so much fucking attitude over $5 ( doorwise ) c) people that skate who think they're so fucking cool
d) having to have planned a solid clean up crew set up two months in advance only to not have one in the end e) all of the above.

I don't know why the bowl means what it does to me. Cause I sure as shit don't even skate that thing. I guess it's this three and a half foot, learning, mini that's in the process of maybe getting built. Or maybe it's the fact that there's really no other place like the Autumn bowl to have sick events. We've raised about $1800 just with keyholder donations alone. Which that in itself merrits keyholder fucking accolades. In reality, most people that have frequented the bowl and continue to frequent it, don't even help clean up, much less have a key. It's the lamest thing you ever saw. Skateboarding doesn't owe anybody anything, but it always reminds me of that story the giving tree. people that take and take and take and wonder why in the end the tree is fucking dead. It's cause it's buried under smashed beer bottles, at least 15 bags of trash, and multiple layers of entitlement.

But just like any other upside to the story, we managed to raise around $2000 to get the bowl out of the maintinence gutter last night. Every single penny goes to that. Nobody really understands that the Autumn bowl only exists because of the people that pay for keys. And that number fluctuates month to month. So basically it's barely there. Altamont threw in $100 and some free product to us that ended up going to the random people who ended up staying to clean up at the end. Which was fucking awesome. And it's cool the bands wanted to play a fundraiser at the bowl, but I really don't see anywhere else in Brooklyn where 400 skateboarders can congregate to skate and be as loud as they fucking want to be.

But in the end, as an individual, the industry gets me fucking bummed. It's so fucking gay. The only thing that preserves the goodness in skateboarding is everything out of the industry- which includes skateboarding on a good day and the actual people that support skateboarding that don't get paid by it. Growing up skateboarding in San Francisco has given me somewhat of an outside understanding of how shit needs to get done. Or at least what it should look like. Living in New York City the past four or five years and having come out to the eastcoast the past decade, has given me a really huge insight to how different California and New York are. It's easy in California because the industry is out there. For whatever reason, New York is like this rugged ass vortex of barely there skateboarding. I mean sure, people skate street out here, but in the winter, there's really nowhere to go. For all of these reasons, keyholders are my silent heroes. Along with the people that built it and of course Autumn Dave.They don't expect shit from skateboarding, they just put money on the table for the bowl to feed and clothe itself. And in the end, all feelings and frustrations aside, these kinds of people that exist in skateboarding are what makes skateboarding not entirely selfish and lame. I think I can go back to sleep now.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On my last day in China, I really wanted to check out this place dubbed " Little Africa " in the neighboring city of Guangzhou. The population of the actual city is pretty big- 20 million or something ridiculous. Anyway, little africa refers to a section of the city where apparently, some of the 20,000 known, largely african ex pats and merchants, live. For some reason I thought it would be swarming with shops largely geared towards an African audience, by Africans. Wherever we ended up, this was not the case. We also managed to find a number of Halal restaurants and many ethnic Muslims. It's still possible we could have missed a bigger street of little Africa, but we still came away with some really interesting photos.

A bowl of sour milk

Caught this guy making his way down the alley. Pretty good Tokyo mascarade steez

super cute half black half chinese baby!

this little kid was eating all those little sunflower seeds. can't trust kids to watch food! they'll through the profits! mugshot

the photo speaks for itself. awww, peanuts pajamas.

A lot of these bank ramps were all over the city. Even on huge pedestrian overpasses, the giant inclines of stairs had these bank ramps running through the middle. Eventually I realized they were for bicycles, but for a while I just thought they would be rad for cruising, kind of deadly, but rad.

Your new god

This little girl was super cute, running around with a pink ribbon that had been tied around the top of a plastic water bottle. She was really shy, but eventually got the guts to throw cheerio type things at this guy I was exploring these alleys with. It's always pretty awesome seeing little kids turn on foreigners. Not scary kids that is.


Strawberry print gang

This dog was super cute! He had this old Chinese guy that owned him and was scolding the dog from a distance to go and sit with him. Instead, the dog would take off down the alley with us to sniff my friend's crotch


Alley way Haircuts

Most of China looks like this when you look up

People really like to sleep in China. It's not surprising. In some parts, it doesn't ever seem that businesses receive a lot of transactions during the day. You just see the salesperson sleeping. You have to give it up though, some sales people put newspapers on a desk, and nap while looking like they're reading it.

Little old lady watching us take photos

Cute cute

Went into a dressing room to try something on, and saw this beside it. Wow.

Babies pushing babies


Chinese newspaper cat

Pedestrian overpass views

Street bunks

Sex shops, totally illegal I think?? At least its illegal to look at stuff online.

Sweet Textiles