Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a tall kitten!!

There's not a sad face a kitten can't cure..Street kittiessss for everyone!!!!!

In all irony, these are what a lot of music videos look like they're trying to attain.. energy wise.. weird, cool, kid timezzz!!! but nobody does it better than actual kids.. in or around the 90's...( all biases included )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sick PSA's.. Can't decide who I'm going to listen to- Meatloaf or Wendy O?

Maybe Lindsay Lohan was watching the wrong PSA's.. I don't think they make PSA's for comandeering vehicles

Wednesday, July 7, 2010




Incredibly important updates from Double Rainbow Land

Monday, July 5, 2010


Ft. Tillden Beach is probably the best beach around. Yes, it's a topless beach, which I thought only existed
in the south of France. But this isn't why Ft Tilly is the best beach. It's the best beach because even on July fourth
you don't have to feel like a beached whale among thousands of other beached whales and color blocked umbrellas. Please see photos below of Coney Island for illustrated reference.

I started using the yellowed lens of my sunglasses to take pictures.. I love colored lenses! My day looks five decades cooler

I brought back some black Taiwanese peanuts from Taiwan. They are super good and taste like naturally roasted peanuts to me.. Independence Day beach snacks.. Independence Day from regular peanuts!! Hell yeah!

My boyfriend made the coolest stack of mini shells that fit together. He'd make fun of me and ask me why the shells I picked up were usually the bad looking ones? I don't know- some people have a special knack for finding great beach items and I am simply not one of these people.. Although I did find a really cool mermaid shank

Some people go to the beach in flocks and kill it. This family of heavily accented Brits started building a beach shack next to us. Sometimes people really know how to make other people feel like lazy asses on the beach

Took a ferry from Ft. Tilly to Manhattan. Here is a bridge we passed by. Bridges always look significantly more magnificent when you pass under them.

Getting closer to Coney, you can see specks indicating a shitload of people littered on the beach

On the fourth, I go play with my jetskis, speed boats, and public ferries

My friend Iris looking towards Coney Island. Damn! Need to wear shades- future looks too bright..

Had to unyellow the camera for these Coney Island pictures- Ridiculous!

Life is a beach.. but I'd rather be at Ft. Tilly!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Before I left to Hong Kong, there was a butterfly that kept landing on us at the park. Pretty weird,
but pretty cool. I support butterflies.. just not as tattoos..

Holy shit!! Is this a parody of what drugs do to someone? HAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAH this shit is too funny!!!!!!!!!WHAT DOES IT MEAAAAAAAANNNNN