Friday, August 6, 2010


Autumn Dave is letting go of the bowl. Sadly, for many, this day was fast approaching. A lot of people have tried to keep it going for the past several years and many have even paid rent consecutively, despite never skating it, just to keep it going. Coupled with the economy, hard times, and summer, something so sick yet fragile is now seeing the end of it's days on 76 West St. Hopefully Dave will be able to wrangle something else in the future, yet I think we will all feel the burn of one less indoor spot when winter arrives. It was great while it lasted, and if you were ever able to party or skate at the bowl in it's lifetime you would know, for what it was, it was pretty rad. Goodbye last minute flea markets, So long all night ragers, Good riddance bowl lurkers who made fortifying the bowl impossible. The end of an era. But who knows? Maybe a last minute Autumn Bowl party is working it's way into the universe? Only the one true lurker in the sky knows the answer..Below is Dave's write up- bid if you have $15,000 laying around you want to spend it on used wood.

After 7 long years we are selling our well loved Bowl. This is your chance to own a skateboarding landmark. Put it in your backyard, skatepark or private warehouse. This one of a kind bowl was Built by a team lead by Tim Vanderbas in september of 2003. Endless lines, perfect transitions, tons of fun. This bowl has been skated by nearly every pro out there including Julien Stranger, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Cabalerro , Spanky, Zared Basset, the list goes on and on. The bowl is due for a new layer of birch ply, the pool coping is perfectly worn in. The dimensions are about 45'x45', 7' in the deep and about 5' - 5.5' everywhere else. Price does not include removal or installation. Bowl must be removed Before august 29th unless other arrangements are made prior to sale. Click the link for a bowl video Thanks!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


My homie Suzie Wang filmed and edited this for an exhibit at California's African American Museum. A history of African Americans in Skateboard Culture. I love stuff like this. Stoked Karl Watson is in this, Nice to see Harold too.. I kind of think they should have had Lavar McBride in it too!! Seeeeriouslly.. I think Lavar is one of my all time favorites to watch. I think if Asians had an exhibit like this, the Donger would be in it for sure. Whatever happened to that guy?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Jackie Chan teaching a fish to roll over in English AND in Chinese. Evidence that the universe is totally weird..

Did I mention Shark week at the Jersey Shore?

Jumanji or a Chinese New Year Parade? Pretty rad? If you can appreciate appliances that shred


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of a few places i used to work at when I lived in San Francisco! Stoked on this 80's commercial for Harputs. It's repeated twice! Beware..

Monday, August 2, 2010


Lurkers Night at Mollusk! Or in this case, Lurkers late afternoon sesh at Mollusk

Came here pretty early, just trust your brain with these things..

Twills with the lurker shots

For sure

This is what I call a steampunk-esque contraption. By the way, I hate the term "steampunk." It's so fucking weird it creeps me out. Look up anything "steampunk" and I'm sure you will find the gateway to robot trannies made of rusted junk metal. In a tophat.

Coolest bathroom at Live With Animals. Blacklit universe

Toilet paper seems so fucking trivial..

Galen's George Washington 'do or Flock of Seagulls circa 1776?

Turn towards me..

OG Autumn shirt

There's footage of this girl wedging her g string in her ass , in Lurkers, for her boyfriend. It's kind of funny to watch on the side of an oil refinery ( is that what that thing is?) if you haven't seen it before.

Joe, Ty, and Sam. Sunglasses at night, you know the drill..

The viewing party has definitely grown

Me and Marion! homies! ttyl!

Where the thrusters at?

Surf lingo. So funny!! Gotta admit though! This looks tubularrrr!!

Skateboarding, the redheaded step child. Lofty ass B/S Airs. Sick, is this Aaron Zzzottt?

Joe Cupps!

Version 2.0

Glass teepeees

Skatie with a b/s bertlemen

Skatie makes the best faces!

Checking out the Lurkers 1 premiere at Mollusk, I asked the owner what video he'd recommend that'd be comparable to a "video days". He showed me " 5 Summer Stories," with certainty (pictured above), so I bought the dang thing! It's a pretty awesome movie stuffed with breathtaking ocean shots for days. This video does a great job reminding me what a great album "surf's up" by the beach boys is. I think I could be listening to "Don't go near the water" while waiting for water to boil and I'd be into it. Though the third section of the movie includes women, a real disappointment would probably be the lack of Hawaiian surfers I'd expect to see. I mean, come on! Polynesians were doing this for deep! Just kind of a bummer when the first record of surfing was like in 1779. Is this why Hawaiians call white people, "haoles"? Just a thought..