Saturday, August 28, 2010

So many epic movies I watched in the 90's were New Line Cinema movies. Case in point: Nightmare on Elmstreet, Above The Rim- yes!


Sometimes I'd just rather sit in my apartment and sneeze into tissues and look for weird youtubes on a Friday night. I hate going to bars with backyards in Brooklyn where you literally can't navigate within a sea of bodies. Worst idea ever. So much of living in New York is that feeling. This overwhelming, anxiety prone, social masquerade. Is my neighbor beating his dog at 3am? I don't know because I'm trying to sleep. Depending on how big of a sociopath you are, it starts when you leave the house and follows you into bed. It's no wonder why people are always moving in and out of this city. Sometimes I don't think this city is a conduit for maximum positivity. Rather, it can be a conduit for unsettling, exploitative situations that inherently dictate whether you feel like competing with 8 million people for unrealized dream estate. To show your tits or to not show your tits, that is the downtown question. This city has an unexplainable nature of being; forged by timelessness and often coated with absurdity. Whatever it is that encourages transplants like me to gravitate to it, is definitely not because of the Yankees.


Nike patent- Mcflys. Can't wait 5 years!! We're going to all be hunting and killing our food by then. Maybe the future is native earthlings that sharecrop and trade Mcflys. I bet a pair of Mcflys will be worth at least 3 Eagle feathers.

I don't know about "best," but definitely a prime example of a well aimed stage dive scissor kick onto someones throat. WHATEVERRR LIVIN' IN THE MOMMMENT MANNN

Corgis on a treadmill. Those short little furry muppets and their tiny hooves

Friday, August 27, 2010


Fucking rad! 10 year old guitar prodigies performing with Ozzy. So fucking rad, that kid is siked! Stoked on his flying v polka dot guitar

Can't go wrong with oversized beach bubbles.. but then again the music.. ughh you could slit a wrist or two to it. Stinson Beach.. San Francisco, why must you keep all the hippie weirdos to yourself..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And.... ouch

The gift of song teaches you how to work at Wendy's

Semi-Haunting kodachrome color motion picture from 1922.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Kessler/Montauk Skate Park benefit out in Montauk

A lot of art and photos up for auctioning. One of the artists recognized me from working at Autumn and told me he had done the clock with Kessler's eyes. You can kind of see it in this photo. Pretty intense.

Zionist Abe

Rusty mermaids are super cool accents in a room

Things that say "Ass bone" are super cool accents too

Rows of boards. Giant shapes, true to what Kessler liked to ride.


Ornate Montauk walking sticks

Nice shapes

I like the way old helmets look. They look super padded, color blocked, and awesome.

Back to the rest of the weekend- major sword slashing of large fruit was going down.

Predicament- transporting firewood and 10 people to a nearby private'ish beach.

Crisis adverted

Fire building

A great way to spend a couple hours is drinking beer while lying in the sand, and seeing how many movie and book titles you can squeeze the words "blow jobs" into

North Korean Funk

Wow, there are some pretty epic face plants/brain checks in this one. I think 4:24 and the mohawk after that is probably one of the funniest

Monday, August 23, 2010


Took the Hampton Jitney this weekend! This woman outside of Bloomingdale's is what I think of when I think of the Hamptons. I also think of "Bloomingdale's" when I think of the Hamptons. Weird.

Got to Victor's house. Modest surf shack in the back

Blue man nipples

Paddleboarding is all the rage! So weird to watch- like rollerblading on the ocean

Sufficiently stocked. Got some Banana Bread beer- so good! A little nutty..

Cute "Keep Out" signs. I don't think they really keep things out well.


Private bench Club

There were so many sea shells on the ground, it was really hard to walk on them. It sounded like I was breaking mini vases, or obliterating egg shells everytime I put my foot down.

What else do you need?

Cheese is delicious

70's boards. Tried to take the bottom one out for a spin and ended up splitting an old clay wheel in half. Better that happened in the driveway, than on my face! ( again..)

Eric's a legit screenprinter. I think he's successfully outfitted every friend he has. Pretty sick shirt

Looks fun! But those little guys can be really sketchy!

Quiksilver yard sale..

More like Nordstrom Rack

This is not a yard sale..

Jazz STD's


Locals Only!- Scott and Amy

Sand gettin' thrown

Foot traffic

Epic Dunes