Saturday, September 4, 2010


IKAT BACKPACK 2007 from Jilleen Liao on Vimeo.

Finally got around to putting together some old footage from 2007. Autumn Bowl, L.A., friday nights with imovie.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Picked up this new weird lens that attaches to compact camera lenses. There's supposed to be a clear heart in the middle of this pink filter. I call bullshit- looks more like fetal cam. I think my lens is too big for this filter. Reminds me of the days when I used to tape ghetto fisheyes to my video camera.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I can't believe it's been more than two years? since Charlie interviewed me as one of his guests on his radio show. It was really awesome and supportive of him to think of my shoemaking when he was out christening the soundwaves from the David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen. This guy has real talent, natural curiosity, and genuine appreciation of ecclectic music and people to make it worthwhile to tune in for. His second ongoing radio show ( this time from his native London )is going on as we speak.



2/9 Private View 6-9PM
3/9 The Hut Project 3:34PM
4/9 Hear Ye, Here Ye, We’re Weary (Paul Pieroni): Take Over Day 12-4PM
7/9 Rhys Coren 2PM
8/9 Rough for Radio I & II (Emily LaBarge) 2PM
9/9 Late Nights: I Hate The Kids feat: Cherry But No Cake, The Walk On By, Orders Of The British Empire 8PM
10/9 Mikey Kirkpatrick 11AM, Gervase Gordon 2PM
11/9 Inheritance Projects: Take Over Day 12-6.30PM
14/9 Laura McLean-Ferris 12PM, Patrick Staff 2PM
15/9 Steve Richards 2PM
16/9 Late Nights: Sunday Mourning 8PM
17/9 David Blandy 2PM
18/9 FormContent: Take Over Day 12-4PM
21/9 Rachel Cattle 2PM
22/9 August Stone ‘The Oxford Dons’ Radio Play 2PM
23/9 Late Nights: Melissa Bugarella and the Dreams / Less / Beacons 8PM
24/9 Argentinian BBQ: Spite Roast 2PM
25/9 Auto-Italia: Take Over Day 12-4PM
28/9 John Riepenhoff 2PM
29/9 The Readers 2PM
30/9 Late Nights: Lime Headed Dog & Mystery Moisture/ Hype Williams / Panther Society 8PM
1/10 Laura Eldret 1PM
2/10 Five Story Projects: Take Over Day 12-4PM
5/10 TBC
6/10 TBC
7/10 Late Nights: Death Pedals 8PM
8/10 Michael Curran 3PM
9/10 The Enlightenment Gallery: Take Over Day 12-4PM
12/10 Matthew Cornford + Students 2PM
13/10 TBC
14/10 Late Nights: Gay Mormon Kissing Club VS Kulesh / Chat Roulette Karaoke 8PM
15/10 TBC
16/10 End Show

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Indica Gallery 1966


Play it for as long as you can remember
who is your opponent and
who is your own self.

Yoko Ono

YO: When I created Play It By Trust I wasn’t thinking about Duchamp at all. Many artists have worked with chess, but they usually worked with the decorative aspect of the chess pieces. I wanted to create a new chess game, making a fundamental rather than decorative change. The white chess set is a sort of life situation. Life is not all black and white, you don't know what is yours and what is theirs. You have to convince people what is yours. In the chess situation it is simple if you are black then black is yours. But this is like a life situation, where you have to play it by convincing each other.

People think that I'm doing something shocking and ask me if I'm trying to shock people. The most shocking thing to me is that people have war, fight with each other and moreover take it for granted. The kind of thing I'm doing is almost too simple. I'm not interested in being unique or different. Everyone is different. No two persons have the same mouth shape for example, and so without making any effort we're all different. The problem is not how to become different or unique, but how to share an experience, how to be the same almost, how to communicate.

The concept is my work. In the art world, work is shown in a museum and a lot of people or a few people will see it, then if it’s bought by someone, that’s the end of it, or it comes back every once in a while. So I like the idea that Play It By Trust is repeated in different places, because the environment makes a big difference to the piece. Again, it’s the concept that is the work.

A DAY IN THE LIFE by John Lennon

Yoko Ono on Lennon's art: 'He would not have minded'
By Bill DeYoung
Thursday, February 28, 2008


As the keeper of John Lennon's flame, Yoko Ono is the motivator behind "A Day in the Life," a touring exhibition of her late husband's artwork.

Lennon was a compulsive doodler, filling one sketchbook after another with quirky, whimsical drawings. After his death in 1980, Ono started pulling them out of drawers and file cabinets; "A Day in the Life" includes more than 100 pieces spanning the years 1968 to '80.

Land of Milk and Honey by John Lennon

Monday, August 30, 2010



This video will make your day! Unless you've already seen a sidewindin' camel today..BESTCOSTUMEEVER..


Rode by a stoop sale on Union the other day. Picked up Charles Bukowski's "Living on Luck: Selected letters 1960's-1970's. Volume 2" for 50 cents. Yes, finding a more than decent read for 50 cents is few and far between in New York. Although I did pick up the biography of Robert De Niro from the free wall on Ludlow. Anyway, here are some entries I've enjoyed so far..

[OCTOBER 8, 1962]
Yes, the giants are gone and it makes it a little tougher when you stare down at the white paper. Before the death of the giants you used to think, well, they don't expect anything from me anyhow. Now there is this hole and the hole must be filled and we don't know how it will be done or who will do it. But writing is entirely different now. I mean we are raw again. We are what the thing was meant to be. Only it's no longer Left Bank Paris or Carmel or Taos, it is all of us; and some of us; a few of us, will come through. This will be done through force, energy, magic, belief, and a way of living. But it may be, perhaps, that the age of giants is over. This is hard to believe. I'd rather not believe it.

[OCTOBER 28, 1962]
Well, I had a quote from Pascal written on a piece of paper which I was going to write down here. But now I have lost the little piece of paper which is not as bad as losing a good piece of ass but what I mean is that you would understand the quote but not need it. Anyhow, to put the Pascal into my own words-:Only things done in quietude secure and holy, without direct at fame or applause, are worth more than the applesauce shit of a turkey.


"Colour Reading and Contexture" by Jacob Dahlgren. City Portrait out of painted bricks, videotapes, food, wood, books, and sponges.

"Ephemicropolis" by Peter Root. City portrait of over 100,000 staples.

"San Francisco in Jell-O" by Liz Hickok.

"Unreal Scene" by Lui Jianhua. City portrait of Shanghai made in poker chips.


3,200 Mexican federal police fired
About 3,200 Mexican federal police have been fired for failing to do their work or being linked to corruption, federal police commissioner Facundo Rosas said Monday.

Of those, 465 have been charged with crimes and 1,020 face disciplinary proceedings, Rosas said at a news conference.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

These are one of those songs where you find out who sang them and are like "Whaaaa??? George Harrison?? Sweeeet"

By the way, Look who's talking too? This scene is a real tearjerker + Lennon's "Jealous Guy"= deeply profound. As much as a talking baby blockbuster can be anyway?

Haha Mr. Toiletman..


Doze azns is krazy