Wednesday, October 6, 2010



It's that time of the year again.. going to China.. BRB!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Helped take some stuff down from the Nixon Art Mosh thing in Chelsea a few weeks ago. I thought this huge photo/ sticker thing was pretty amazing. Someone had sent in all of their body surfing awards from the 80's and personal rubber flippers to display for the show.

Went and skated the Chelsea Park and ran into the Green Diamond filming with Cory.

Serious, serious lens. I think if I looked hard enough I could see into the future..

East Village stoop sale. Typical attires.

Saw these little kids pretending to shoot each other.

This kid was sporting a plastic tennis racket in his shirt. Not even a minute after taking this photo, one of the fences broke off suddenly and he fell. He was okay though! Magic tennis racket armor..

I felt pretty silly taking this photo on the train. But it spoke to me..

Creepin' in on the style photos. I get really nervous about asking people to take their photos, but I'm glad I did.

These guys were riding their bikes around Lafayette. They said they had their suits made in Beijing. Speaking of China, I leave on Thursday! Again..

Wow, this is how I felt all day minus the music.. New genre: Bulemic metal band/Swedish pukists..

Accents! HAHA. The accents are pretty good I think? The random stuff he talks about is pretty improv awesome..


Whoa, Ozzy with guys from Suicidal Tendencies. Funk Metal is pretty bad. 90's Hell has a special place for funk metal. Primus meets the Red Hot Chilli Peppers??