Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010


Parrot slave will do your bidding



Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Canadian authorities are investigating an "unbelievable" incident in which a passenger boarded an Air Canada flight disguised as an elderly man, according to a confidential alert obtained by CNN.
The incident occurred on October 29 on Air Canada flight AC018 to Vancouver originating in Hong Kong. An intelligence alert from the Canada Border Services Agency describes the incident as an "unbelievable case of concealment."
"Information was received from Air Canada Corporate Security regarding a possible imposter on a flight originating from Hong Kong," the alert says. "The passenger in question was observed at the beginning of the flight to be an elderly Caucasian male who appeared to have young looking hands. During the flight the subject attended the washroom and emerged an Asian looking male that appeared to be in his early 20s.

After landing in Canada, Border Services Officers (BSOs) escorted the man off the plane where he "proceeded to make a claim for refugee protection," the alert says.

"The subject initially claimed to be in possession of one bag; however, flight crew approached the BSOs with two additional pieces of luggage which were believed to belong to the subject. One bag contained the subject's personal clothing items while the second contained a pair of gloves. The third contained a 'disguise kit' which consisted of a silicone type head and neck mask of an elderly Caucasian male, a brown leather cap, glasses and a thin brown cardigan."
The man put on the disguise for the officers who "noted he very much resembled an elderly Caucasian man, complete with mimicking the movements of an elderly person. The subject admitted at this time that he had boarded the flight with the mask on and had removed it several hours later," according to the alert."

Hmmm... I don't think he tried hard enough. Rookie errors. Apparently this guy's passport says he was born in 1955- uhhhh more like 1915...


Proof that you can film effectively in limited locations. Nevermind the subject matter which might be John Lennon.


The ocean is really warm if you pee in it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween at Roberta's 2010: NATUR from Jilleen Liao on Vimeo.

What's better than a photo? Um, capturing weird lights, good people, and loud music on video.


Rollergirl from Hell? It's Halloween and I peeled my jetlagged ass out of bed for it.

Jetlagged Webhead

Pardee Time

1/2 of Natur + "Best Roadie Ever"?

Latinos, Religion, and Shelltoes. Minus the observable non- Latino

Bathroom line scene

Desiree dressed as a prehistoric gem!

Fucking CAVELADY!!!! What if cave ladies were actually as hairless as baywatch lifeguards? Man, we would have gotten' them so wrong!

Trifecta of What?

Dance Magic Dance!

Geico did not help her save on dental insurance. Desiree's been coming through with some choice Halloween selections the last few years. Respect!

Down to the different eye colors..


Chinos are on point!

Beards and Hair=World Series Champs. If only I knew in 2010 I'd be a transplant, missing some serious Mission St. mattress burnings.

Total fan of Bill N Ted. A couple of years ago my friend Iris and I were dead Bill and Ted when evil Bill and Ted throw them off a cliff. I don't know if anyone got it, actually, I'm telling you no one got it. I think for that one you gotta' walk around with Death and Station..


Apparently, this was the worst Misfits cover band? Didn't seem like anyone cared too much.

Hmm.. mic repossession

Is that a costume?

Ginch. His costume was probably the worst one to guess. My calculations were based on smell, height, openness to embrace in a hug, and beer grip.

Arizona Nick. I've been calling him San Jose Nick in reference for a while now. My fault

Jugga Libre flex


Shanna invisible yoyo

Everyone's favorite ginger

Susie House and baby Farmer!!

Max and House

Ryan and fists