Friday, November 26, 2010


You thought this "Juice Time" frame was weird?? This is the weirdest thing ever!!!

Bottle bands. Diggin' the hat selections

Years later, these kids will remember why they turned vegan..

So cool..need to try this.

8 year old killin' it! This kid is totally cute


Taken from is blowing my mind in a good way.


Lucky to have a mom that hand delivers every SF newspaper with a Giants' World Series headline.

She also didn't forget to give me the Chinese paper's version of the Giants' homecoming..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Snapped this getting off at 2nd Ave. I kind of hate how far I am from this guy; almost scared he'll wake up and kick my ass if he sees me taking a photo of him! Oh well probably not going to happen seeing that his garbage bags won't let him wake up..

New York City bodega fight.. Don't throw craze with long hair it almost never works.

Totally awesome spider checking itself out. Makes me wonder, do spiders dream?

Icy roads not so good

Snakes in a basement

The magnificent blue whale with animation..

Sumatran Corpse Flower


Homemade Brews for Friendsgiving hosted at a friend's house. Bottled and labeled individually for thoughtful, celebratory consumption (minus the Maker's Mark etc..)

Kitchen organization. I love pegboards for tools.


Spinach dip, fancy Epicurious punch recipes

20 pound turkey partying in the kitchen

Brought my uncle visiting from Oakland to Friendsgiving. What a trooper. Guess which one's my uncle..

Delicious meat

Fall colors

Purple food

I'm pretty sure this is awesome stuffing

Turkey murder. Count me in.

Pies and backdrops

50 people showed up. Hallway closets are a clear reminder of wandering, jacketless bodies

Friendsgiving Spread

Homebrewer Eric.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's really hard for me to say no to dumb/questionable youtubes..

Monday, November 22, 2010

John Wisdom For RAW from RAW NEW ENGLAND on Vimeo.

My friend Amanda posted this on FB. Raw keeping it Eastcoast circa 1998. Feelin' that..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wasabi Breath


My uncle is visiting from Oakland and decided we'd go visit the Natural History Museum. It's been a while! New Asian Peoples wing..

First Asian guy I see is killing the scene with his mouth darts..

Traditional Ainu woman, ethnic Japanese, tattooed their mouths blue for marriage

An Ainu tattoo knife or makiri

Not Ainu, but duckbill children's dolls. Very resourceful. I didn't even realize they were severed duck beaks until
I posted this.. Miniature outfits can make anything look cute

Make up of the Peking Opera. Face changing performers. I want a face changer at my wedding.

A thousand years later the guy jammin' out those clay pots is makin' pots worth millions of dollars on Antique Roadshow in 2010

Desirable trade goods. Mace and Opium.

Who needs professional family portraits? Baby and baby creator museum portrait. The baby is looking dead at me..

The changing of the seasons is nice to watch from the inside..


The Earth generates crazy looking objects that look almost alien. Hell yeah. Kryptonite..