Saturday, December 4, 2010

Went to see "Rain" a Beatles cover band who's been playing off Broadway. They basically formatted it as a Beatles concert through the decades. The costumes and props were really cool. I tried to take some photos but it was super hard because of the theatre's camera nazis. In the 80's section I was really feeling George Harrison's full on head to toe denim with white sneakers.. I really wish I could of taken a picture of that. Below is a sort of picture of "Paul McCartney". It was really funny they all had these British accents, but all of them except Ringo who is from Southern California, is from New York City. I have almost every Beatles records and anthology set but during the show they played "I've just seen a face." Never heard it before but am totally feeling it. You are never too old to discover a song you've never heard of, even by The Beatles. I like that.

Friday, December 3, 2010


More than a century ago, suffering from the plight of poverty and harsh living condition, a Sami villager by the name of Erika Aittamaa started to craft hearty mittens from available resources. Her mittens and village, Lovikka, soon became the parable of triumph over hardship and impossible odds. As homage to Aittamaa, Lovikka, and rich heritage of the indigenous Sami people, Stockholm’s Sneakersnstuff (SNS) designed the Lovikka Chuck Taylor All-Star. Worked in conjunction with CONVERSE, the Lovikka All Star took on the exact construct as Aittamaa’s craft, since took on the name Lovikka mittens. Knitted wool in off-white, plus accents in signature colors of red, yellow and blue on midsole, tassles, and SNS initials, the Sneakersnstuff x CONVERSE Lovikka Chuck Taylor All-Star is now available for sale at SNS locations and its online store. Supplies are very


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I haven't posted much in the last few days but maybe this youtube of Gwar dismembering Sarah Palin will make up for that..ha ha

The death of a naked man. Wow this is intense.

Update: He doesn't physically die in this youtube.. duh. I don't think they're allowed to show people getting murdered on youtube..)


Went to the Moma last week. Took a few pictures of things I liked.. This includes taking pictures of people looking at art. Wish I took more. Oh yes, and of course taking pictures of my mom in front of art- that's always good.

This rug made me want to make a rug. Fortunately I collect weird things including instructional how-to manuels. I have one that shows how to make rugs. This will have to go on my long list of things to do when I have more time. By the way, have you ever tried to shop for a rug? The good ones of anything are always so fucking expensive..

Ha ha! I saw this kid looking so perplexed over this painting. So rad. I mean it really got me thinking, when does one actually begin to see meaning in art? Is just recognizing color and patterns good enough to understand it? I think I understood film before I understood art. Understanding film, to me, seems a lot more obvious and spoon fed. And this is not to say that film is not art because it is of course. Art, on the other hand, can be something like a discarded sign that tends to attract more understanding when showcased in a venue. There are no immediate supporting images, like film, that your brain can rationalize other images along with what you are seeing. Sometimes art can never be understood, case in point, confused child..

I can really appreciate her Juicy bag because it attracts my eye almost more than some 300 year old surrealist painting. That's kind of ironic?

Monday, November 29, 2010

When I'm not fucking around on the internet, I design for a women's shoe company called "Gentle Souls". It's been almost a year now; hence frequent travels to China. My boss gives me props towards the end of the interview. Totally funny. I'll be in China again in a week. Intense times, but at least this is something I can show my mom. I'll post some of my personal favorite shoes I designed from the line at some point for sure.