Saturday, December 11, 2010

I was trying to search for some epic movie titles.. a lot of the really other epic ones are not rebloggable or unavailable. These include American Physco and Child's Play. Opening sequences are so awesome.. The good horror ones are the ones you can still watch decades later and still feel like a kid.

One of my all time favorite opening credit treatments

Soooo rad

"You guys wanna see something?"

She talks fast, but doodling is awesome. Knowing tips to doodling will help yield maximum doodlage

If you ever wondered about being a cat.. the first ever movie filmed by cats! All participating cats have cool names like "Elvis"," Worthington P Whiskers", "Picasso", "Charlene Butterbean", "Kafka" cool stuff..

Punkest guy in Oregon..

Slave to the drift

Friday, December 10, 2010


Internet gem: Beaver and Buttface. So bad.


Paul from the Diamond Center. Fuck the Shane Company. If you're from the bay you'll know what that means..

Nostalgic look at Bay area commercials. KTVU- Dennis Richmond was the man!!

1987 was a good year to be three years old. Uhh, but this commercial is pretty funny.

I remember these KOFY San Francisco commercials in the 90's. So cool. But the dogs didn't usually look like hipsters.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


"Performers who defined cinema in 2010 capture classic screen types."-New York Times.. I posted a couple of the ones I enjoyed. There's nothing as refreshing as black and white, straight forward, no bullshit silent acting. This excludes James Franco's.. That's just there because of novelty black and white self make out sesh. Another instance where I'm reminded of how the face by itself is our most basic vehicle of expression. It can represent what we mean far better than the words we use to explain or define ourselves.

A silent film with James Franco making out with himself?

This girl is 13. I think hers is the best actually. Totally raw, totally rad.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting mentally prepared for a 5am flight to China..

Meanwhile, I'll also be preparing for this. True story..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Found this site Hel-Looks which is basically street shots of people in Helsinki,Finland. Noticed that in a lot of the gear run downs a lot of girls were mentioning "Monki". Found Monki online and below are some clothes from the Swedish? company. Of course the prices are pretty moderate, clothes for $30-$80. I really love Scandanavian colors and design: affordable, cozy, and cute.

I'm pretty much opposed to creepers of any kind, but I like the idea of a crepe unit with a welt stitch. I like the idea of d-rings on a bowling shoe also..