Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's been a few days since my last update. Traveling a lot will do that. Anyway, here are pictures from the end of my last trip to China. The factory we work with has a Christmas party for the kids every year. The owners are American so it makes sense, not to mention, really nice on their part. This year I got to help out and suggest some activities to do. It was actually really exciting because growing up, making Christmas crafts was one of my favorite things ever! You know, along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other holiday that is Hallmarkable.

It's seriously ridiculous how natural poses come to these kids.

Tallness Tower of Power!!!

This was the general kid consensus of Christmas. A kind of foreign curiosity that was marked around the building by shiny, fake trees and lots of balloons.

Abstract Christmas

In the distance is Jenny, the event coordinator. She really knows how to manage a crowd of 5 year olds! Seriously not as easy as it looks. Wait, that never looks easy..

This is one of the main security guys dressed as Santa. It's pretty obvious in this picture that he doesn't know how to wear Santa's fake beard.

Ok, I told him. Now he knows.

This little girl has mini arm covers and clip on pigtail weaves. Awww...

Outside looking in

Let the rumpus start! English singing. Seriously impressive. Most of these kids know zero English and just learned the words in three days. Like, if I was learning Jingle Bells in French I'd feel like there were too many words. I mean there are already too many words as is.

Ok this kid was like four and sang his song. Good for him! He won third place.


This girl was super cute- she was so quiet. She kind of looks like the cartoon Ponyo. She just kind of floated around quietly, picking up balloons. Presh.

This was my contribution. I suggested we have them make Snowmen faces and Santa Hats. Of course it could have been easier- there could have been cotton balls readily available, but instead we got medical gauze. Kind of a pain in the ass to rip gauze into balls. Don't try it.

All together now. The kids were really excited about making these weird Christmas icons. Especially the snowmen. I mean if you really think about it- if you'd never seen snow, what the fuck is a snowman? They're totally weird looking and completely random.

Santa Hat station. No cheating! Ha j/k.. I bet that girl is thinking how much life would be easier if cotton existed in ball form.

Excitement abound.

Asian photographer shots..

Man the kid on the right is seriously so siked on winning first. It was funny because he was so terrified he couldn't keep his hat on his snowman. But we stapled it on, and soon after it became the fairest one of them all..

This picture is kind of amazing. This is the little timid girl from before, in front of the line because of her height. You can see this chubby bully being a dick to her from the side. Ideally, he should be standing further back because he is a much bigger. Life metaphors are everywhere you look.

Passing out the good shit.

Okay this girl was fucking adorable. She had the best poses and was so sweet.

Juice Box Time is a real time. The last photos are of some of the kids with their parents. Generation cycles are really a trippy thing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Smiling is awesome! Thanks to Sean for finding this gem


Telstar Logistics visited San Francisco's Chinatown last weekend, and along the way we encountered one of the simplest and most delightful examples of public art that we've come across in quite some time.

It happened while were were parking inside the city-owned North Beach Garage, where we were pleased to discover that each parking space is marked with a fortune cookie-style snippet of wisdom. Created in 2001 by artists Harrell Fletcher and Jon Rubin under the auspices of the San Francisco Arts Commission, this clever installation transforms the mundane task of parking the car into an entertaining exercise in consciousness-raising. Brilliant!-telstar logistics

Going to San Francisco tomorrow. It's unreal how excited I am to be going home! Eight to nine months is usually when I start to crack. Feels good to anticipate the fog I will soon be waking up to. It's funny how some things you seriously could do without growing up becomes nostalgic after you've been distanced from it. Don't take shit for granted!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Again, in China.. Missing out on some pretty cool things.

skate this


Ate at an authentic Cantonese restaurant this afternoon with some locals.

First up, black chicken soup with ginger. Sounds weird and looks questionable but it's actually quite good.

Beef and noodle soup.

Spicy Chicken with rice and vegetables. There were some serious peppers hiding in there.

Blurry photo of Congee. I love congee when I'm in China!

Onion pancake things!

Soup hat.

Their famous fried vegetable dumplings!

You can see the amazing color of the dumplings. MMMcrunchy..

And finally, vinegar. Vinegar is the best ! with dumplings.