Thursday, January 20, 2011


Skateboarding wise, clipper ledge. Like whoa! If anyone ever wondered what skateboarding would be like in 2011- no names doing three flip 50-50s, kickflip 5-0s down Clipper? I remember when Darrell Stanton did a b/s noseblunt down that thing and that was like slow motion on every vcr/dvd for the next year.. Been watching a little bit of this One in a Million contest and I have to say some of the challenges are cool.. Notice -one guy- is from the eastcoast. Is it a coincidence that everyone is from California or Arizona? It's probably because the House of Vans won't let anyone skate in their warehouse during the winter. I mean you can't blame them- why not open a 50,000 sq. foot skateboarding facility exclusively for partying? Who needs to skate when you can parrrtttyyyy and make it a tax write off!!!!

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