Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm not trying to moonlight as a skate video reviewer but a couple of my friends have passed on some noteable skate videos they've done. So here are a couple of plugs cause people need to support local ny shit and skateboarding in general!

Filmed in 2009, "Blackwater" by Steve Marino is a video worth supporting. This video follows Alex Mosley, Lurker Lou (Coda), Dylan James(Naysayer,Prizefighter wheels), Doug Brown, JT Gleason (Coda), Luke Maleney (Habitat,Vans flow), Jose Pereyra, and some other guys on a short RV trip from NYC through the South. A lot of it was filmed in 16mm and 8mm in backyard ramps, ditches, and other various types of skateable terrain. The video is exactly what it advertises to be: a documentary styled skate video that's got your all your angles covered: solid, laid back skating, injuries, bail bonds, campground lurkers, and spot locations that'll leave you wondering. You can purchase "Blackwater" at most, if not every skate shop in NYC including Autumn, or at squarefilms.com. Or check out stevemarino.blogspot.com to see what Steve is up to.

Two commonalities Steve Marino and Bill Pierce share are that they are both talented film makers that happen to be really good at skating too. I always felt this kind of double talent thing with skateboarding/photography/filmmaking was pretty rare.

While this is only a KCDC featurette, it's filmed entirely in super 8 and features a line up of local shredders powersliding through seagulls and performing satanic lines on the kcdc mini. This short video takes us from the quaint side streets of Greenpoint to the Brooklyn Banks to wherever Dan Pensyl is skating that metal full pipe. Even though this is a shop video, the varying roster of shop riders and local cameos would suggest this is more than a "shop featurette." It's more like a voyeuristic glimpse into casual new york city skateboarding through grainy dream goggles. This video is available at KCDC as far as I know. Visit them at kcdcskateshop.com.

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