Saturday, January 8, 2011


Jason Schwartzman's pretty solid, baby nurturing, Amoeba selections.. Btw, his Brendan Fowler Joy Division shirt is awesome.. Jus' saying- I have one, and it does not disappoint

Nothing like an old owl in the sweatshirt video..

You know, just owl stalkin'..

Korean Business School's MVP

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I can't bomb hills for shit these days!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Internet sensation dropping knowledge. "Theatre of Mind" is something I'm going to use. Not sure for what. But sounds ridiculously good looking.

Douche moments.

And a crazy lady dancing in Soho.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hanging out with my friend Marissa the other day, I made her let me take a picture of her shoes. She and her partner, Beverly, run a great vintage/buy/sell store in Greenpoint called Fox and Fawn. Anyway, these are some pretty rad Hogan shoes someone sold in at some point. The photo below is from a fashion blog based in Dublin,Ireland. I am feeling that girl's kit. Especially that jacket- Jacket crush for sure.

I've been seeing a lot of Collina Estrada bags around New York. I especially like their take on backpacks. A pretty neat way to play on the dimensions of leather- pretty simple too.

At $279 (discounted at Need Supply originally $380!) this collaboration Tourista x Collina Strada bag is a big purchase. The straps double as a backpack or an over the shoulder bag. Heavy Wool Cashmere/Leather bags are pretty amazing.. The ones below are the "Novella" bag that range around $400-$500. Uh, if I had money to blow, I'd definitely buy amazing leather items, and find a way to justify my purchase. But I don't. So internet window shopping is basically what I'm about.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It was my friend Paola's birthday in San Francisco so a few of us went to Delirium. Everyone tells me nobody goes there anymore but do I really care? Visiting home is like being in a time machine. I'm stuck in 2003, and going to the most blown out bar in the Mission in 2010 just doesn't add up. Anyway, it was "Hip Hop Night" and the DJ was playing some alright stuff, except the fact he was trying to scratch every record to the point where you find yourself saying out loud (more than once)
"just play the fucking song!" Fuckin' real DJ's.. Anyway, Paola shreds. She's been rockin' the old Fisher Price tape players since back in the day, and she jams just as hard to it as she does in bars. "Dance like no one's watching" was a phrase probably invented by her panty hose to exposed underwear ratio. She is OG as hell and is not afraid to puke on your ass and then make out with you. One of the most solid people I know- She turned me on to good shit like Radio Birdman, The Locust, The Make Up, and MBV when I was in merely in my tweens. I miss her!

And yes this is ending with a Locust/Fraggle Rock youtube..


Alright, this ain't no "Kid's" fight directed by Harmony Korine. Because it's better.

Ok. This video is fucking awesome. Dinosaur Jr. Thank you..

Love this cover.

GLEN E. FRIEDMAN's FUCK YOU ALL show in San Francisco, with special guest Shepard Fairey

Wish I remembered this was happening in SF. Blew it


Too bad Glen wasn't shooting " The Skateboard Kid." Actually, I'm embarassed to know what a skateboard is. This clip is too retarded.

Gleamin' The Cube, however, totally different story. I love the introduction to this movie. Hangar Sesh! I've probably reblogged this like 10 times.

Alright, Police Academy 4- Bones Brigade cameo. Spiral parking garages are awesome.

INSANE!! Rock VS. Scissors? What about Obscenely large branch VS Ineffective Hammer?

This is fucking amazing. A Chinese dinosaur factory? They need to get that TREX in my bedroom stat. If I had $7,000 to spend on an animatronics mail order pet, I would. It's kind of hilarious that this is filmed to Enya. They need to fix that Rhinosaurs, it's got a funky robot walk going on.

I could live without the music, but the endless high diving scenarios, probably not.