Saturday, January 15, 2011

I posted this youtube a while ago. I really liked it; and I don't necessarily like Banksy. Stumbled upon Banksy's initial storyboard for this piece online.. As you will notice, I'm glad they left the rice paddie hats out. Lame touch.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


A couple of cool things reblogged from facebook..

Totally gross!

Ray Barbee

New Years Dae with Daewon Song from Kevin Claude on Vimeo.


To be fair, gotta' post the originator of many great, covered, songs.. Leadbelly.

In addition to Bessie Smith, this is basically the same song.. But I didn't grow up with an old Sicilian grandfather so I guess I'm learning this now. By the way, can people that make the karoke machines bring back the jumping dot already? sheesh..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Warrior gene" eh? I'm glad to see Henry Rollins somehow fits into this random line up of convicts, motorists, and monks. Only the discovery channel can tell you you're going to be the proud father of a warrior gene baby..



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amazing commentary with Jim Jarmusch regarding music in film..

Monday, January 10, 2011

So hyped on these she-rails and she-flips. 2011 is the year that a four fingered hand of females can participate without having to wake up at 8am for a contest run. Can't wait to see what's goin' down on King of The Road with these guest skaters. There's another chick on the tour, but was more siked on these three. I'm allowed right?

You know, incase you ever missed my shitty skate edit..


Time to head to the Fish as we approach the last few weeks of it's existence on Ludlow. Alain's band, Bubbles, played yesterday inside the bar. There were some other bands but I don't remember their names..


Wild card pick stokedness. This lady loves her Cheeseheads!

Wildman, the Mayor of many things including epic t shirts and Good Times!

Reyes and her penguin knit hat. Very becoming


Wildman and Alain. Serious business is always indicated by a mustache and crossed arms. Kind of like a cop. Alain might be channeling Officer Bubbles here..

Haven't seen these fools in years! Wow. Talk about back in the day.. This is what real Asian New Yorkers look like. Except they don't talk like the Godfather- kind of a bummer..

Melissa and Co.

Bar activities-talking ranks among the most common one.

Not so common bar activity- Tino using the pin from my hat to pop a gum zit

Trifecta of Matching DNA

Asian Divas

I don't know who that guy is.

Harry's Endless Steez

Guys never strike the same pose in the same photo. The only logical reason is that I've managed to photograph two people who refuse to be seen together.

Gabe used to be a radio DJ in San Francisco. Nothing's changed in New York. Some people live to play music, and I'm not mad at that.

Switch Mike's awesome kit.

From switch three flips to album covers, not mad at that either. What I am kind of mad at is the population of max fish tattoos. Should make deciding to get one that much easier. As in, don't get one. But in the words of Ulli, the bar owner, "tattoos are personal." I guess that still points to no.