Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Alex out in California filmed this of a couple friends-funnnyyy.. couldn't stop laughing. Age of Aquarius for sure. Did I mention winter totally blows in New York?


This is like finding great old books on the street for free. I love it!!

Early Abstractions" (1946-57)

Norman McLaren - Dots (1940)

Norman McLaren - Boogie Doodle

Norman McLaren- Neighbours ( 1952)



The Seeds in your living room!!

Thirteenth Floor Elevators. Young Roky

Downtown 81.. Basquiat, DNA. yes..


Gratuitous shots of skateboarding hookers! Rad! "Pizza" Time!

Been sleeping on a bunch of photos lately. Yes, they're digital, I really don't have an excuse. This is the second batch of photos from my last trip to SF. Friends ruling, no big deal..


For someone that doesn't swim at all ( me ) - this is incredible

Street survival-learn to sell your peacock fans in every language.


I thought about posting some Thrasher king of the road shit, but since I couldn't find any of Alexis' nollie heelfips down ten stairs or whatever, I came across Pete and Pete. Pre-cell phone, personal technology road trips, nostalgia lane. Feeling it!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Skateboarding wise, clipper ledge. Like whoa! If anyone ever wondered what skateboarding would be like in 2011- no names doing three flip 50-50s, kickflip 5-0s down Clipper? I remember when Darrell Stanton did a b/s noseblunt down that thing and that was like slow motion on every vcr/dvd for the next year.. Been watching a little bit of this One in a Million contest and I have to say some of the challenges are cool.. Notice -one guy- is from the eastcoast. Is it a coincidence that everyone is from California or Arizona? It's probably because the House of Vans won't let anyone skate in their warehouse during the winter. I mean you can't blame them- why not open a 50,000 sq. foot skateboarding facility exclusively for partying? Who needs to skate when you can parrrtttyyyy and make it a tax write off!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ebay finds. Hard to believe even ironic shirts go for more than $40 sometimes!

Favorite find of the day! The hand matches the drapes.. someone is selling an acrylic skateboard display. Board not 4 sale! It kind of looks like my first skateboard. I had a powell blank with weird black label and "flygirl" stickers. Harsh.


Final decisions were made. I went with Gladys. Unfortunately the Eddie Murphy Raw shirt is going for $100 and the New Edition shirt is a cut off t shirt.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I seen a hooker eat a tire! Tracy Morgan rules