Friday, February 11, 2011




Things look different covered in snow. So we took a trip out to Coney Island!

Seeing a bee line of people wearing all black on the snowy shore strikes me as a bit eerie for some reason. Maybe it's because this funeral procession is walking from shortest to tallest, I don't know.

Shoot the freak, words to live by.


Seeing snow at the beach is quite the experience. It was like visiting Antarctica and deeply regretting not bringing gloves with me. Even this group of seagulls made me imagine I was not in New York. It was so cold it was easy to pretend they could pass as weird looking penguins or something.

Poor man's arctic sight seeing tour?

Di Fara's pizza is the best. It was Super Bowl Sunday and there was no line. Score!!

Being that I am a meat lover and my boyfriend isn't, we'll compromise on some meal selections. Behold the sausage and anchovy pizza. Whatever, totally annihilated. Double score!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Two homies one video. Sam out in SF has been filming these neat shorts for Transworld's "Off The Board" section. This is the latest one she's been working on with Joey Pepper. It's really rad to see what people are up to outside of skateboarding. Check it out!


Thanks to Karl for this one!


I think I hit one of the motherloads of skate video uploaders on youtube. Thanks Badger 816. I'll probably be going crazy uploading sick ass skate videos for the next week. Stoked!! God bless his video stash.

Best episode of the Kalis series thus far I think. Stoked on these VBS series, but it's cool to see more skateboarders being covered that aren't necessarily "hesh." Fresh vs. Hesh, skateboarding paradigm. I love seeing old footage of people pointing to their favorite skaters hung up randomly above their bed. It reminds me of when I covered my walls with torn out Real, Spitfire, Maple, Infamous, Pig wheels, Chocolate, Fourstar ads. Shit, I even tore out Tree Fort ads! My walls were layered. This Marc Johnson ad below is the only skateboarder oriented thing on my wall in 2011. It's probably the only thing I have framed too. york city is where your skateboarding goes to die (winterwise). RIP

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011


Beastie Boys & Billy Idol

Bob Dylan & Muhammad Ali

John Lennon & Teeth


Morrissey & Cat

Kurt Cobain

Cobain & Slash

Rick Astley & Morrissey??

Slayer & Exodus

Black Sabbath

SidNancy & Lemmy

Sunday, February 6, 2011