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Facebook video reposts!


Not a Bieber fan, but obviously a fan of this.

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I didn't think two babies trying to kick each other would be this cute


Soul Boys, Suede heads, and Skinheads

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Saw this insane photo on my friend Jody's facebook. She suggested I ask Tim about the story behind this photo so I did!

Text: Tim O'Conner

Me: So what happened??
Tim: It had apparently been hit once already & was doing a death crawl. I had to go straight over 'cus if I tried to swerve i would've flipped the shit out of or car with our cute puppies in it.
Me: Cute puppies always get to live!!
Tim: We were going a good 85 mph in some light rain. It was the coon or us. I had a mild heart attack when I saw it in the road but my body did the right thing by holding the steering wheel steady and plowing over that wild fucker like there was no tomorrow. We both screamed when I hit it but ended up forgetting about it about a 1/2 hour later when we realize we were safe. And the car felt fine as well. We still had over a thousand some odd miles to drive so we drove for another hour or two & then stopped that night and slept at a hotel.
Me: Any witnesses?
Tim: The only witnesses were myself, Jody, and our two gay dogs. The raccoon was a witness as well until it didn't have the ability to witness anymore.

Me: Haha! So did you expect to see that mangly paw hanging? That must have been a precision road amputation.
Tim: I did not expect to see a thing under there. I had forgotten about it but eventually the thought creeped back into my mind that maybe some guts had sprayed on the bottom of the car.. Our one deaf dog "No Comment" kept going under the car at the rest stop and I was wondering why in the hell was he continually trying to pull his leash to get under the car.

My dumb dog was trying to lick the splattered innards.I told Jody what I thought may have been going on and then I tried to look under the car but I couldn't see anything. It was too dark under there. That's when I had the idea to use my point and shoot and just rifle off a couple of photos with the flash set at full blast. Boom! I put the camera in review mode and there it was. The severed claw of some random beast that we didn't know was a raccoon at that time. We were cackling and freaking out at the same time at how insane the thing was that was lodged under the whip.

Me: So how did you remove it?
Tim: Well we left it there and continued to drive home through some biblical rainstorms for the next 1000 miles. We thought surely it would shake itself loose from the various bumps on the highways and jestreams of water squirting at it due to the fact that cruise control was set to 90mph. We continued to check the undercarriage of the automobile at every stop. But somehow that goddamn satanic limb hadn't moved a millimeter. It was still under the car as we pulled into the driveway defying all logic and physics. Two days later it's still under the car and we were showing it to everyone and watching them freak the fuck out. Finally in the third day, I had built up enough balls to put on some rubber gloves and grab the demon limb to remove it once and for all.
Me: The exorcism of the O'Conner whip!

Tim: I climbed under the car with a headlamp on, but what was this? The limb had vanished without a trace. The axle was licked clean. It had either crawled off on it's own or the zombie beast had returned to relclaim what was rightfully his.
Tim: Either that or my gay dogs got to it and ate it when I wasn't looking.
Me: Dammit No Comment( dog's name ). haahahaha best closer photo ever! Thanks for the story! It's gonna be front page of Ilovemygaydogs.blogspot! ( note: Tim is wearing Autumn's Daniel Rakowitz shirt which is also Tim's murderous doppleganger!)

Prizefighter Minute. Ray from PF sent me this second trailer to "Chopped Liver." When the video will come out? I'm not sure.. but will be stoked when it does- there's like three trailers! With three trailers this shit's gonna be offf the chainnn, right Ray?? Anyway, check out Japanese rider Katsumi Minami below in Night Prowler. Reblogged from Prize Fighter Cutlery

Word! I'm "DJ'ing" this event at KCDC next Tuesday. Since my nights at 151, my DJ name has thus evaporated to just my entire name. Tell your girlfriends, moms, and nannies to come through!

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A while ago, when my folks were in town, I got to see conceptual artist John Baldessari's first major U.S. exhibit (in decades) at the Met. Total fan. Everything I pulled off the internet ( super original ) and just repasted some info. It must be his skilled usage of the "language of color" that gets me. Even the combinations are interesting. I mean what's cooler than throwing pieces of colored paper out a window and calling it art? Every weirdo's art statement fantasy.

John Baldessari (American, b. 1931)
Floating: Color, 1972
Six color photographs; 11 x 14 in. (27.9 x 35.6 cm) each
Collection Mario Bertolini, Breno, Italy
© John Baldessari

Baldessari once remarked that a large part of his work "arises from a single word, a chance phrase, or an overheard comment or part of one." For Floating: Color it was "defenestration"—the act of throwing something out a window—a word the artist liked, "because it had a limited meaning, specific to a particular act." Deciding that he should throw colors instead of objects, and basing his sequencing on the simple order of the spectrum, Baldessari jettisoned large sheets of colored paper from his window and captured the process on film.

Heel, 1986
Gelatin silver prints with oil tint, oil stick, and acrylic; 106 1/2 x 86 15/16 in. (270.5 x 220.9 cm) overall

Baldessari, who has likened his use of images to certain literary techniques, builds meaning through juxtaposition and structure rather than through a fluidly predictable narrative. The cinematic stills he uses in works such as Heel have been excerpted from their original context—the nonstatic continuum of film—and recast in a new configuration. The title could alternatively refer to Achilles' vulnerability, annoying personalities, or the wounded anatomies depicted here. The street scene at the center of the composition grew out of the artist's interest at the time in Elias Canetti's Crowds and Power, an influential study of crowd behavior published in 1960.

The Overlap Series: Jogger (with Cosmic Event), 2000–2001
Lambda prints on Sintra with acrylic and crayon; 84 x 43 3/4 in. (213.4 x 111.1 cm) overall
For this series Baldessari experimented with images printed on clear acetate, reversing and overlapping them. Two disparate scenes, a black-and-white film still from a Buck Rogers movie and an unremarkable color snapshot taken near the artist's studio, visually merge, and the newly created hybrid world is reinforced with acrylic color.

The Duress Series: Person Climbing Exterior Wall of Tall Building / Person on Ledge of Tall Building / Person on Girders of Unfinished Tall Building, 2003
Digital prints with acrylic on Sintra; 60 x 180 in. (152.4 x 457.2 cm) overall

Baldessari photographed movies on a television to make the Duress series, which features figures silhouetted in solid colors caught in moments of great physical stress or danger. "It is a subject I believe suitable for these trying times," he said. When painted a single hue, the men in contorted positions—perilously poised, Harold Lloyd–style, above the metropolis—can be read as a triad of abstract shapes. Using rigid foamboard, the artist incorporated recessed and raised surfaces to isolate the figures and create an effect of shallow relief.

John Baldessari, Portrait: (Self) #1 as Control + 11 Alterations by Retouching and Airbrushing, 1974.

Prima Facie (Fifth State): Warm Brownie / American Cheese / Carrot Stick / Black Bean Soup / Perky Peach / Leek, 2006
Pigment prints on canvas with latex paint; 92 in. x 9 ft. 6 in. (233.7 x 289.6 cm) overall

In this body of work, the artist again investigates color by way of conceptual, rather than aesthetic, strategies. Having explored color structure and sequencing in the 1970s, Baldessari here indulges his fascination with the language of color. Working in a hardware store as a young man, he was drawn to charts of paint colors and the names assigned to various hues. He has since noted different types of chromatic nomenclature, including "artist colors" (cerulean blue) or "landlord colors" (light green). Among the most amusing discoveries were "designer colors," names assigned by American paint companies that invented such unlikely appellations as "Avant Garde" (mustard yellow) or "Organic Order" (mulchy green). Here, the color coding links hues to common foods.

"Prima Facie (Third State): From Aghast to Upset," 2005, Digital print and acrylic on canvas


Ceos don't have to be evil. They choose to be

I always wondered this..

M..M..Music vest!!

MXE!! Painful- but some awesome obstacle sets!

The work of evil grandchildren?

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"Heavy Metal", the science fiction movie from 1981, is now online. Harry Canyon is here to show you ways of sexually explicit sci fi cartoons from the 80's.


NYC Ladies:

Please put the word out that we are trying to get together at least 20 committed females to partake in an all ladies skate sesh at the HOUSE OF VANS located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Nothing's set in stone, but if we can get 20 females to come out for the first night, there will be excellent chances of further ladies skate nights.

If you have not been to the indoor/outdoor facility, it features a bowl for tranny skaters, and plenty of various street obstacles including endless smooth flatground.; not to mention only us skating.

This could be a prime opportunity to actually skate this park, let alone showing up for free for all events.

Please contact us at and leave your name to find out more information. If you think you know someone that might be interested please do not hesitate to contact us either. Thanks.