Saturday, April 9, 2011


"Yeah...these are definitely a buy!" Well this youtube is definitely amazing. The fact I am spending a Friday night abroad watching a 10 year old review a pack of Gushers for his bedroom food review is kind of creepy but totally epic. This kid rules! What an inspiration to the little food reviewer in all of us.

And yes, I was the kid who loved all fruit snacks including fruit by the foot and gushers. I loved blue gushers and red gushers! So good!! I'd always stick two packs in my lunch.


An ariel view of SF to Paris on a clear day. Oh yeah- and a cameo among the Northern Lights.

Electronic masssks

Digital Danse. I'm there.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Larry Bertleman surfing to Hendrix. I had four youtubes lined up, but decided this one was the only one that mattered tonight.


I have no idea who does this but it's one of the best tumblrs I've ever come across. CURBCRUSHER!! So sick!!! Kind of reminds me of all those times someone random and older comes up to you and goes, " hey man, can I try that? I used to skate. " Of course you can leave out the faces you can still recognize, they're still shredding.






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