Saturday, April 16, 2011

Called out.

Hella weed face

Friday, April 15, 2011


Not one, but two bumper cars

Embracing the inner animal kingdom!

Did someone order a baby t rex? I love how there's a guy with marbleized grey tights controlling the dinosaur.


This is an instance where fashion is so dumb. To seriously suggest someone should save $2,000 to buy a designer bag instead of buying a "knock off" at $30 is not even comparable. Not to mention, their bag is not completely original in design because it's basically a 40's school bag. Obviously when you buy things, you purchase quality and branding, so I can understand why being knocked off sucks. The fact people buy knock offs all the time, including myself, usually implies that neither quality nor branding matter and all those things are taken into account when you buy something for $30. Fashion and it's classist bullshit. These people need to just make their 2000% mark ups or whatever they make on a bag that costs a fraction of the retail, keep reinventing, and save it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Field trip to the Guangzhou Zoo! Behold, creatures made of flowers and peace signs!

Do not feed the animals

Elephant in the distance.

Elephant on mega zoom.

Observing a Chinese tactic of closer animal viewing. Still not close enough.

I'm a giraffe, I like to eat, rub necks, and take long summer naps. Ruling!

I was able to literally rub their giant giraffe print craniums as they fed. Giraffes up close are so cute and docile!!

One of the best things was being able to feed a family of giraffes with leaves!

Did I mention how big and doe like their eyes are?

I'd like to see someone stay mad at a giraffe- not happening!

Giraffe legs, not a compliment for humans.

Baby face wants a snack! And who's gonna say no?!


I miss taking pictures with pre made settings. Childhood rules indeed.

A real life panda! I wish I got a better picture of him, but he was seriously rubbing his ass against bamboo columns the whole time. I also learned how to say panda in Chinese and the literal translation is basically "mean bear." Look at those fucking mean paws!!

Monkey business. For real..

Figuring out evolution, or maybe learning to curl his toes?

This is where the zoo started to get depressing. The big cats are either plotting and pacing or have given up in their shitty cages. This lion was totally over it. That is not lion behavior? But maybe I've been brainwashed by Disney.

On the other side of his cage, laid a suspiciously oversized vertebrae. Gnarly. Bone dry.

Yes- this is a lion cub. Super sad, don't even know what to think.

On the other hand, more favorable animals such as the Red Panda or the "Lesser Panda" as advertised in the zoo, enjoys a play pen of Chinese landscaping delight. Kind of my favorite picture.

Next time you go to the polls, vote for the lesser panda..

Red Pandas are a raging favorite of mine. They are like awesome, real life cartoon characters that wear masks

Life ain't easy being a "lesser panda"

Big ass bear with a beige yoke. I almost want to stick a polka dot blue apron on him.

You don't see that every day?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lady Gaga eating shit. Awesome.