Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things he learned while his plane crashed on the Hudson.

Um, amazing

This panda is working hard for his tips

What you need to start off with is a chair.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Came up on some records from Academy yesterday. Saw this double disc Redbone record set for $6. Never heard more than this song from them but the cover was a deal maker. Really stoked I bought it. Heavily recommended.

The name Redbone itself is a joking reference to a Cajun term for a mixed-race person ("half-breed"), the band's members being of mixed blood ancestry.[1] The band referenced Cajun and New Orleans culture many times in their lyrics and performing style. Pat and Lolly had previously performed and recorded under the stage surname Vegas, in part to downplay the Latin American association of their birth surname, Vasquez. According to Patrick Vasquez, it was Jimi Hendrix - himself part Native American - who talked the musicians into forming an all-Native American rock group and so they signed as the band "Redbone" to Epic Records in 1969.[2] The band then consisted of Patrick Vasquez, Lolly Vasquez, Peter DePoe and Anthony "Tony" Bellamy. Their debut album "Redbone" was released in 1970.[2]-wikipedia

Also came up on a compilation record including the Boneless Ones. Never heard of them but into it.

This cover is awesome


I've been contemplating getting a skateboard rack for the apartment for quite some time. I've looked on ebay and in junk stores for passable racks but to no real avail. An amalgamation of cruiser boards, regular boards, and shoes stacked on one another are a fixture I'd like to terminate. Fast forward or rewind to Seth Rosko's 2010 cool rack job at DQM. Seth is an amazingly talented guy- not only does he fucking shred, he races motorcycles too! He also builds specialty bike frames and dabbles in other projects of the like including customized laser-cut steel skateboard racks. So when I mentioned to Autumn Dave I was looking into skateboard racks, Seth's name popped up. No brainer! Stoked on this soon to be reality. Photos pulled from DQM Check out Seth's work at his website here

I bought three things from Autumn today:

1) Skateboard Mag

2) Indy Hat



Only have this part of "Seeing Double"- but whatever! Dennis has been ripping since forever- BUY THE ACTUAL NEW REAL VIDEO. Gonna watch mine soon...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Never ending, zine wise. Today's thoughts on Fashion. Cut and Paste is not dead.

Max Fish Flea Market Sunday May 15! Get the word out! The uge- books, clothes, food, DJs, and Spring Times. I'll be selling stuff too! Post a comment if you'd be interested in selling and I can pass your info along. Thanks

Samantha Chami coming through with another Off The Board segment with Ray Barbee! Inside look at the musical career behind the legend..

Instead of using a magnifier to kill ants, just drown them! Actually- you can't, cause they'll just build a raft made up of their little ant bodies and defy your murderous tweezers. Jerk!

Sugar glider infestation. Forgot to post this!

And finally- Obama providing his original long form birth certificate to every overzealous dumbass who has beaten that birther horse to death. Seriously Trump? Can this Birther Crusade finally self terminate? How much confidence should you really have in a government that would allow someone to become president without these crucial bases covered already? Maybe since we live in such a jokey world where there's such "obvious loopholes where any Foreign Born Muslim can become president," we should just set up a bunch of Mr.Pickles Fun Time Abortion Clinics ( Mr. Show ) and abort every full grown adult that sincerely believes Obama is a gay Muslim terrorist. Seriously- if you google "Obama is", see what you find. I'm not especially into politics, but I am fully against rampant bigotry and ignorance.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Lurked the Chelsea Art galleries yesterday afternoon. Haven't been in Chelsea since before winter. Yikes! John Chamberlain was showing in one of the galleries- awesome. But also saw another show by Thomas Lowe, "They Think It's All Over" at the Horton Gallery. Totally awesome colored pencil drawings. The following description is taken from ARTCAT.

Horton Gallery, Chelsea is pleased to announce They think it’s all over, the first New York solo exhibition by New York based, English born artist Thomas Lowe.

Through a hyper controlled drawing style, Lowe depicts a reconstructed reality made up of external influences and regnant inner forces. By using a multitude of gathered images as diving boards for metaphors, he tells stories. Each image carries a meaning and its relationship to another recounts an event. Lowe does not seek to reconstitute reality but builds an alternative, more beautiful one where he can exert complete control.

While evoking certain chaos of emotions, Lowe conveys order through strict compositions. The seemingly effortless flow rendered in this series of drawings, is Lowe’s primary concern and ongoing pursuit. The viewer is submerged within Lowe’s reconstructions, working backwards from his dismantled memory towards a new version of reality. Lowe’s compositional methods recall the rigor of the historical paintings while refuting any notion of perspective.

I have friends with interesting shoes.

Monday, April 25, 2011



Part Two!


On my way to Taiwan, saw this book in the Hong Kong Airport bookstore. It was a guide to Chinese manners and culture for foreign travelers. Ha.

Bought this book at the Airport. I'm a big fan of street fashion.

This guy travels the world intensely, from Mexico City, to Iceland, to Singapore, he has been there. Super jealous! I like this quote he has in his book. I kind of hate street fashion that consists of people with head to toe designer duds. I can't relate.

Taiwan. This is outside of Taipei. Taipei itself is not as green.

And another thing- airports with free luggage carts rule. Getting in to New York the other night, the credit network was down on the cart dispenser and I was totally screwed out of not having $5 cash on me. Welcome to America, you're on your own.

I have been realizing that lately I have been posting a lot of food photos. Taipei is notorious for great cheap food. I love it!

My dad took me to a local Korean spot. So yum- the meat was so tender and amazing. Cabbage is staple green in Taiwan.

Chopped taro side dish and kimchee. I was instructed to break two raw eggs into a mixture of chopped green onions and garlic, so I could dip the cooked meat into it after. Sounds weird- but it is so good!


People don't eat dogs in Taiwan, they walk them. Thissss puppy!!!!

Subway omens

Side streets

Serious lighting

Okay this place was great too. A Japanese bakery chain in Taipei called "Saison du Soleil" by Yamazaki. My brother brought me here- best soups in town. Here is a country stew and a corn chowder. I also grabbed a pesto french bread slice that was incredibly tasty. I think the total for all of this was the equivalent of $5, more or less.

Green tea shaved ice with a scoop of red bean paste and lychees on the side

Green tea yogurt on top and a shake/soda on the bottom half. Also came with a scoop of red bean paste

Bought my little brother a flying Iron Man toy. Rad times.

I am Iron Man

Still flying