Saturday, May 7, 2011



With a title like "Gangbanging at Ground Zero" plenty of things can go wrong. But this is actually a really cool take on 90's vhs skate videos, not to mention the skating is sick. I'm half expecting like a blue 411 logo to pop out somewhere during one of the obscure instrumentals. As my friend German put it, quoting a lyric, "Vicious like 50 bitches on they period." This is from Palace Skateboards out of England. Apparently Autumn is the only domestic skate shop that carries them. I could be wrong. But then again Autumn's facebook never lies.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Time to go to the MET..


Last night played music with Nelleke aka DJ NeLLeeNeLL at The Woods bar in Brooklyn. She is no joke! She is one out of a handful of real DJs that I know. I was totally stoked she asked me to play with her as I see myself more as a festive tune selector than a die hard DJ for sure. It's kind of like skating- There are pretty fine lines when it comes to certain beams and I like to respect those lines. There are "DJs" and then there are DJs. I feel awkward about calling myself one because I can't mix for shit and I don't make a "living" off of it. It's just fun as hell to see people dancing! And I guess that's all that matters in the end- that people are dancing!! And there was plenty of dancing done last night.

This is Nelleke's nightly record shelf. Notice none of these things are on wheels. They are all as heavy as they look. She mixes strictly records! Respect, for real!

Tracy lookin' ready to drink the rest out of my larger-than-life margarita chalice.

Peek-A-Boo. I think I pulled my quad muscles taking this photo.

Setting up

Space Whistle.

Guys will do anything to be in a picture! Just kidding, these are friends..

Rob that DJs with Nelleke and Kelling other nights. Pointing to the left!

Reni's drunk and hungry

I love playing oldies..

Electric Margaritas. Only two existed in the whole world last night!

Getting packed. Nelleke was killing them with a shit ton of awesome soul records.

Natur sighting. Jake reminds me of the Rusty Knot. Probably because he works there.

Guys love watching girls dance. It can be the gayest music and guys will start to move in, acting like they love Madonna!

But really, it was awesome- everybody was shredding!

Only the flash of my camera revealed an imminent denim conspiracy

Who doesn't love glow sticks? Getting down with her alien tribe.

This kid was awesome. More stoked than ten girls put together on his blue glowstick!

Because wildly shaking it wasn't enough, he had to spread the chemicals all over his face to prove a point. Stick juice.

By this time it was around 3am. Shit was still going off!

Nelleke about to fight a party with a party

"Look what you started!!" This guy was dancing all night. He was really excited to see other people brought to his level

Seriously? I posted Beetlejuice the other day but Harry Belafonte has made Beetlejuice come back to me. This song made my Cinco De Mayo. Yes!!

"Hey I like your songs, what's your phone number?" Derr

This guy was trying to sing like gay club lyrics into the mic. I think? I couldn't tell it was pretty loud.

People that just go for it are awesome

Just dancing

Just feelin' it

This is like seeing your date not be as hot with the lights on. My chalice ain't lookin' so magical right about now.

Clearin' bodies with our minds

Thursday, May 5, 2011


"NY Skateboarding posted Apple Juice, a mini-documentary by Skate NYC, a skate shop that was in operation from 1986 to 1990 on Avenue A and 9th, which happened to be stored away in some dusty box for years. It’s not exactly a full-fledged skate video, but a previously unseen look, at least from a cultural perspective, at what skateboarding in downtown New York looked like at the onset of the nineties. Features Harold Hunter, Jon Carter, and others, with a variety of locations no longer with us, including the World Trade Center, The Brooklyn Banks, and the original three-stair ledge version of the Fuji Building on 52nd Street and Park."

Epic. I heard about this shop- only because as part of local skate history, it once sat directly across from where Autumn is located today. Really stoked to see this on youtube. Had to repost.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What! I loved this part

Future Council is shredding

And they say mice aren't clever! I don't know what's cuter the mouse or the mouse obstacles..


Say Goodbye to these Crown Vic taxis. After 2011 they won't be manufactured anymore. I guess it's time to permanently retire these former patrol cars to beach residences in Florida. Get familiar with one of these new yellowcab propsals, just so you know what to not get run over by.

In 2007, City officials convened a group of stakeholders, including representatives of taxi drivers, owners and passengers, to outline the goals of the Taxi of Tomorrow project. In December 2009, the TLC issued a "request for proposals," inviting auto manufacturers and designers to submit their best ideas for a purpose-built vehicle to serve as a New York City taxicab. Whichever of these designs that the City selects, if any, will be the next New York City taxicab (subject to constant improvements and enhancements) for the next ten years.

Nissan beat out Ford and a Turkish manufacturer, Karsan. I kind of like the Karsan one; pictured above. Looks super European and cute but trunk space looks pretty non existent.

Here is the Ford model Taxi of Tomorrow. Kind of looks like an ambulance.

Last but not least, the taxi that will soon populate the streets of New York City. Kind of boring and generic. Even Bloomberg said it looks like "a soccer mom's cab." Access the Taxi Of Tomorrow website to browse the interiors.

Post Osama, failed USA chant on the subway. Ouch!

Obama VS. Obama

An overweight cat on an underwater treadmill. That is a seriously overweight cat. Hang in there baby


Had an eventful weekend! And by eventful I mean filled with booze and vom. Hot. Went to Kendal's Birthday out in Ridgewood. I wish I wasn't so hung over!

This is a party fridge. Party fridges usually contain 80% beer, 40% uncooked meat, and 2% non alcoholic chasers and mixers.

This is Kendal. She's awesome! I hope I'm spelling her name right. Here's Kendal in Dod's video editing castle in the back. I wonder how much he got that beef jerky maker for?


Sara hooked me up with some meat and greens. Can't go wrong with Arugula.

Blurry ambiance

Head pieces

Solid coozy collection. Damn I suck.

This has got to be one of the coolest business cards for a personal trainer. I really like the thoughtful, half naked pose on the Brooklyn Bridge. While texting.

Tracy's Birthday. Pictured: Desiree, not Tracy.

Apparently, attending nicely dressed means actually wearing a dress. I'm pretty sure I only do weddings.


Sister deep

Outfits yo

Killa whale nails

The Waste is recruiting for his denim button up gang. Brandy coming through with a pretty sweet photo face.

Ittipol and Jason. Dude, Ittipol- you craaazzzyyy

"Ittipol, you crazy azn, stop putting your beer on my friend's ass." By the way, this photo could have been taken 10 years ago at Delirium in SF. Some things never change!

Maracuja serves excellent cheese fries. And no that's not retouched- that's just cheese looking damn good.

Car bombs!

Holy shit! Adrienne was visiting from SF. Now she can be found getting rid of all material possessions and trekking through South America for an unknown amount of time. Jealous!