Saturday, May 14, 2011


This goes out to all my friends who have been showing me love for this blog. Thanks. It's nice to know sometimes people enjoy the same things!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger is blowing it by "temporarily" deleting everyone on blogger's posts from the last few days due to technical difficulties. Whatever. Here today, gone tomorrow. One day they're just going to shut Blogger down and Heavydiscussion as well as every other brain sucking blog will become as memorable as an ancient fart lost in the internet wind. But like everything else, things could be worse: here are some videos I've been jonezin' to repost.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Photographic study of humans in the upright posture.


Not sure how I feel about this. But since I always repost a lot of weird bullshit- why not. But really teetering on cheesy. Too bad cheese isn't vegan. Black Metal Vegan Chef would be disappointed to know I prefer cooked flesh.


It really is the Time Of the Season. It's getting warm out- people are feeling comfortable. I'm starting to feel like I'm 20 again because of so much random bullshit that follows me. I want to pull my camera out and film but life is always going to be faster than technology. Not to mention, the unreliability of our shaky, uncertain human fingers.

I got out of a cab back to my apartment. Having my money pulled out, I was basically waiting on this "older" cab driver man to give me my change. I could tell during the ride he was unsure of where he was taking me, despite my directions, or he was trying to lag. Whatever it was, I opened the door, and was ready to jump out at a moment's reaction. Anytime I anticipate double parking in a cab, I am completely aware of narrow streets and parked cars; hence oncoming traffic. Usually I tell the driver to pull up to the corner of the next block so he can park in an empty zone. Not tonight, there was another car parked there. So I saw there were a set of lights behind us, slowly pulling up.

Meanwhile, the cab driver fumbles around for a dollar in change.

"THIS AIN'T MANHATTAN, MOVE THE FUCK UP!!!" yells a heavy voice from behind. I finally get out, and tell the bright headlights to chill, I was just getting change. This dude in his minivan, with his family, is about to get ferocious.

"DON'T MAKE ME COME OUT-LET'S DO THIS!! I'LL FUCKING RUN YOU OVER " he yelled from his rolled down window. As my cab rolled past to leave, I turned around to abandon the situation. Quickly changing my mind, I turned back around to see what exactly it was he wanted to do.

"Look man, you don't need to be fucking yelling at me because I'm getting change from the dude!!" I said, in a very resistant, loud voice. I was so close to his elbow, I could see a woman in the passenger seat that remained silent, as well as a child in a FUCKING BABY SEAT, trying to peer out of the driver's side window at me.

I forgot exactly what else he said, only amounting to a few moments in eccentric public conversation, but all I knew was he wasn't going to do shit because his FAMILY WAS IN THE FUCKING CAR and I had a skateboard ready to tap on some economy grade glass.

I told him " Look man, you're in a FUCKING MINIVAN. You're pissed, and you're angry, get a new fucking job! " To which it was apparent he really wasn't about to do shit from behind his seat belt turned into a one way street.

And I was right- he didn't do shit. But sometimes I wish people would do something because even if you're lok'ed out as fuck with your angry ass voice and live some shitty life where you don't give a fuck, doesn't mean I'm a fucking punk and will listen to your angry bullshit.

Some kids walking past with pants down low and backwards hat, tried to say some shit- but you know they ain't doin' shit because they just like the attention.



Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011


After a chill Sunday skating around and lurking at a barbecue with zero drama, fate would have placed me with beef in the bike lane at around 9:30pm.

I never knew people could get so aggro about skateboarders in the "bike lane". I was skating back home from a lazy Sunday out, only to realize that I might have something stuck in my wheel. As I slowed down to check my board, some douchebag on a bike behind me starts to yell at me saying " Are you trying to get killed in the bike lane!?!?" Nothing happened. Nobody was hurt or even close to being hurt but because he felt so strongly about his rhetorical philosophy he stopped to get off his bike to wait for an answer.

Now, it's 9:30pm on a Sunday night, there were hardly any cars out on this smaller side street. The question caught me off guard as I had no idea why he bothered to stop to get in my face about a non-accident. His accented Scottish screaming didn't help either. There were bar patrons hanging outside The Abbey's bench who began to yell "BIKE AWAY." I said to him, "What the fuck are you talking about? I'm on a skateboard who cares. AND WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING SO CLOSE TO ME??" He then continued to point at the stick figure bike logo saying, "BIKES ONLY. WHAT ARE YOU A MORON??" To which I said "I have wheels, fuck off!! You can't tell me where I can fucking skate!?!" I could feel myself starting to lose it. This fucking bald asshole started to insult me because I had a skateboard.And it's not like I was skating out of control straddling lanes. He was trying to lay some fucking bike law on me like I was a fucking mall grabbing long boarder.

He began to bike away but then would stop after a moment to dismount his bike so he could continue calling me a "fucking moron". " I live right here" he said, " AND THIS IS A FUCKING BIKE LANE!!" After so many times of being called a moron by a complete stranger, I let my shit go and told him to " Go back to Scotland with your fucking bike lane, and shove your fucking bike up your ass. " Who gives a fuck that you live across the street from here, I pay taxes too bitch!! You ain't the fucking MAYOR. And guess what just because you live on this street doesn't mean you can tell me how I can fucking travel. For every biker that's biked down a one way or ran past a red light or stop sign, this asshole needs to fucking chill with his bikes only propaganda. For every nutjob biker that yells at me about skating in the bike lane, I'm about to set a hundred bike lanes on fire and nail longboards to Father Bike Lane's front door.

He eventually went into his cunty apartment because after me OUTYELLING his ass for ten minutes, he started to sound like a tired DING DONG with his repetitive "BIKE LANE ONLY" bullshit.

Engulfed with anger, and blind with adrenalin, I continued to skate home. Skating by the entrance of the Williamsburg bridge is annoying because there are a lot of one ways and weird streets that discontinue before you hit the overpass. As I skated down the bike lane, SPECIFICALLY OUTSIDE OF THE BIKE LANE NEXT TO THE PARKED CARS, some straight edge looking bike faggot says under his breath, "That's not a bike" as he rode past me like a pussy on two wheels.

Fuck all these "BICYCLISTS" with their god damn shitty fucking elitist attitudes about who can use the "BIKE LANE". Fuck all these "PEOPLE" with their god damn shitty fucking elitist attitudes PERIOD. I HATE YOU ALL.