Saturday, June 18, 2011

Insane first person tsunami footage

"I made this video on a relatively small budget and wanted to capture the unpretentious life style and party vibe on the Bristol scene at that time. Ground breaking production by Smith and Mighty on this innovative cover helped propel this underground tune into the top ten. Getting the video onto the Chart Show and TOTP didn't hurt either.-visionfactoryuk

Uh, dope! There's some 80's rocket ollie cameos, cool with that. Can't fuck with the original though! Wishing on a giant white feather.

thanx jerry 4 this

"For more than a decade Juergen Teller has worked with Marc Jacobs on the advertising campaigns for each of the Men's and Women's Marc Jacobs collections, Marc by Marc Accessories and perfume lines. Teller's idiosyncratic visual style and use of unusual models has been instrumental in establishing what has become one of the preeminent fashion brands of our times. Reflecting the intelligence and individuality of the Marc Jacobs brand, the models have included Sofia Coppola, Charlotte Rampling, Meg White, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, Michael Stipe, Rufus Wainwright, Harmony Korine, Cindy Sherman, William Eggleston, Samantha Morton, Winona Ryder, Roni Horn, Victoria Beckham and Teller himself, among many others.
This volume brings together a selection of images from all the campaigns to create a single collection that marks the significance of this collaboration in both fashion and visual culture."

I really enjoy books that archive things. The fact I own Martin Parr's book "Objects" reflects, I truly enjoy looking through stuff. Because that book is just filled with obscure weird crap. And I love it! Just like I will probably love this book. Juergen Teller x Marc Jacobs Advertising Archive, no brainer. At 500+ pages and $75 a pop, my mind will be on designer eye drugs.

Yeah Bill!

Friday, June 17, 2011


There's a new kind of topic getting covered by Neiratko these days: the first transexual skateboarder. He interviews Hillary Thompson of North Carolina in King Shit magazine, and the article is available online here.

Surprisingly, he is relatively candid and less inflammatory as he is known to be. He's definitely got his tranny jokes in a row, but I think most of the shit brewing is happening within his investigatory questioning of both Elissa Steamer and Alexis Sablones' responses to his dream of Hillary Thompson taking over the world, one girl's skateboard contest at a time. Both skaters have side bar interviews that offer insightful perspectives and responses considering Neiratko is to me, mischeviously trying to paint female skaters as the eventual "oppressors" of a "third sex" ( contest wise / paycheck jepordy ).

I actually heard about Hillary Thompson a few months ago through mutual friends who skate in L.A. whom were vaguely referenced throughout the article. I think it might be harder for females actually getting paid through skating to speak without restriction regarding the possibility of a M2F ( Male to Female ) transexual competing in women's skateboarding. So I figure I can write about it since skateboarding don't pay my check and I think the subject is definitely relative to the world of female skateboarding and just skateboarding in general. The situation is easy to understand, but complicated to apply.

When I read this article, I immediately thought about the world's responses and collective action towards Caster Semenya. Caster is the South African teenager who faced a humiliating gender verification test immediately after her victory of the women's 800 metres at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. Caster's sex hasn't been disclosed for privacy reasons ( I believe ) but it is thought she could possess a genetic disorder in which she has both male and female chromosomes. Unlike transexuals who are usually born fully one sex or the other but feel they have been given the wrong body for their psychological gender, an intersexual or hermaphrodite's 'mixed gender' is a physical certainty.

In Hillary Thompson's case, it sounds like he ripped at skating before he was she. She comments in the article that she's had to relearn certain tricks due to the presence of extra estrogen reconfiguring her distribution of weight ( boobs, muscle mass, the possibility of acute female "butt" style etc). The fact he was skating at the age of five and started taking hormones at around 20, certainly gives her story a "male edge". Take that as you will, but I think if Neiratko had found novelty in a hermaphrodite skateboarder, I think reactions would be similar but different. In a way, I think Neiratko is blowing this up way harder than it should be blown up. Especially to the level of taunting accomplished female skateboarders at the "prospect" of a transexual skateboarder putting all them out of business. Enough time and talent has passed to realize that paychecks and contest skating are not new "career evils". I like what Elissa says below about basically not caring.

To even philosophically exclude Hillary from skating girls' contests is like saying, "we're dudes, invent your own contest". And what person wants to sound like a homophobic contest rat that genuinely isn't one? Whether or not she wins first, second, or tenth place is not the question- it is the idea of whether it is "fair" ( I guess ) if she does compete to begin with. Equally, we can't assume that just because she was a dude, she can outskate every current "professional" female skateboarder. Yeah she can do smith grinds, but uh, so can the top ten chicks competing today.

In my opinion, part of being a female ( or even being part of a minority ethnic group ), is not only the experience in which you are raised as a female, but also the learned experiences of your perceived standing through adolescence into adulthood. It is about pursuing opportunities that are accessible to you or maybe pursuing opportunities that are not easily attainable even at a young age. It is not just what exists under our pants that solely defines our personalities and aspirations. It is the combined experiences of our diverse physical roles and our individual expectations and chemistries that sculpt our decision making, which form our personalities. I believe our personalities and levels of confidence are what drive us towards our futures. Being born female and choosing to skateboard and excel at it is actually pretty abnormal; relative to the population. Women are not generally taught to be confident, yet instinctually many of us must be to survive whether physically, emotionally, or intellectually.

We recognize skateboarding as a different way of looking at the world. We see it as a different experience of enjoyment, suffering, self loathing, self confidence, and everything in between. Yet, recognizing somebody elses' unique experience within skateboarding has always and will always be a part of it. More so then paychecks and first place. In the end, it really sucks when people make skateboarding not about skateboarding. They make it about Maloof Cups and hundred dollar bills; competition and edge, marketability and self assuredness. But like I said, lots and lots of hundred dollar bills. And who doesn't like those? Aliens. Probably aliens.

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HOPPS is 100% skater owned and operated. All of HOPPS products are custom designed by skateboarders to fit the needs of skateboarders. We strive to make the best quality products possible.

Inspired by skateboarding and underground street culture. We view skateboarding as a form of artistic expression.

Our goal is to love what we do, have fun and be creative.

Keep It Moving!!

Yes!! Hopps!!! Support Jahmal and friends! Love the new Spring boards! Not to mention, they got Tech decks what! Not an avid tech deck user, but I deeply appreciate miniaturized versions of rad shit. Also, I love Hopps cause the aesthetic kind of reminds me of like 90's Chocolate boards with an Eastcoast subtlety. Hopps is available at Autumn as well as KCDC and other local shops I'm sure- so are some loosey tech decks ( not pictured ) while supplies last!


How have I never seen this? Holy shit.. for real. Where's my Jacques Cousteau screen shot?


Hightower homies shredding!

There's nothing like being stuck in a Chinese monsoon at 6am and knowing it's 79 degrees back in NY. At least I can watch skateboarding and pretend like I'm not here.

Autumn carries Magenta! Sick 15 minute promo.

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I'd have to agree with my friend Keith who called this "One of the better things on the internet right about now...".
Quartersnacks provides 20 pieces of advice to Slap as to how they can keep their upcoming project as New York as possible. This post is quickly becoming a classic QS post. My favorite piece of advice probably being #14:

14. This is New York, nobody will care about the kid who does a cab flip into the Courthouse Drop. We’ll all be rooting for the kid who’s techest trick is a backside lipslide.


I think Slap could also benefit from July 2006's QS post of "The Top 10 Worst Skate Spots in New York City," which includes Tompkins Square Park as well as Union Square. I also think the majority of meals that should be allowed on this show are $1 slices and riders should only be allowed like a daily $8 subway credit ( I even think $8 is above normal ) so they can end up skating around New York City more than getting driven around to spots. Honestly, skating around New York City is one of the best things ever. I'm stoked to be excited about this upcoming One In A Million. "Anticipation" about skating means a lot considering I rarely read skate related magazines anymore, so a lot of my excitement from skating now comes from sitting at Autumn for a couple of hours, maybe playing a game or two of skate at the TF, reading one of five skateboard related websites and blogs, and definitely reposting pictures of skateboarding from the 90's or scenes of weird tranny air outs from well before my time of conception. Speaking of which, picked up July's Transworld at the Airport and was stoked to see Yaje's L.A. frontside feeble as some young locals look on with crossed arms. Another photo I'm stoked on is Dave Chami's photo of David Reyes' feeble out in Pacific Heights somewhere. You can't really go wrong with epic landscape backdrops. There are a few other pretty awesome photos in there, but in between all the Tech Deck ads and shoe colorways, plus interviews with unfamiliar SoCal skateboarders, my mind tends to wander into disinterest.

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Pulp Fiction Saintly Recut

Louis CK is so on point. Bubble gum tylenol, unmotivated 20 year olds, and slavery? American culture is really hard to humorize so eloquently.

Valleys of Neptune

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