Saturday, June 25, 2011


Skateboarder Magazine has a pretty awesome vimeo channel. This feature is from Raiders of the Archive where Ed Templeton talks about some of his favorite board graphics. Follow the link to see the other installments. Thought I'd throw in Skateboarder Mag's coverage of the 2011 Maloof Cup below since i missed that shit.


"La Gaîté lyrique invites skateboarding culture for its first major summer theme and presents Public domaine - Skateboard culture, from Saturday 18 June to Sunday 7 August, 2011. With Public domaine - Skateboard culture, "skateboarding" expresses itself in full freedom through all of la Gaîté lyrique's spaces via the various artistic spheres that it influences: music, graphics, cinema, photography, fashion, video games... Public domaine – Skateboard culture gives voice to those who have forged themselves uncommon lives after being touched by the skateboard."

I wish I could see this! Crailtap rules. I used to have a crailtap shirt of two hands shaking making a business transaction. I ordered that shirt a size too small, but I'm sure if it did fit I would have worn it. The amount of creativity and awesomeness that comes out of that crailtap family has always gotten me stoked by leaps and bounds. Oversized Girl logo quarterpipes? Hell yeah. Girl should start making oversized Girl logo furniture, for real. I'd be all about an oversized Girl coffee table or bookshelf.

Also check out Mehring's thorough coverage of the Paris based show


Friday, June 24, 2011


Color Linkage Here

If somebody told me one day I'd be able to contribute writing to any sort of skate related magazine as a fourteen year old, I would have lost my shit. As if "DJ'ing" the event wasn't rad enough, I was asked to write a review for the show. So I did. Stoked Color ran it ( apparently it will be in print too ). I'm pretty convinced that all those unsent Thrasher Mail Drop letters I used to write prepared me for a lifetime of aimless commentary. Thanks to Alexis, KCDC, and Color for putting on a dope event!

Brett Land and Charles Chatov. Florida and Georgia- power coupling of workers from Autumn past. Don't let the Bastards get you down. Photo below from earlier this year when Brett disappeared and Dave got inspired.

This video makes me happy

Magic cubes

Classy shit list. Available here on Etsy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MSA! Fucking awesome.

Dvd menu , nice touch

Totally bitchin'. Bag your face.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Since I installed this awesome weather app on my blog for New York City, I get to know how great the weather is back home. Which sucks because between June and August in the southern part of China, it's typhoon season. Basically, extreme jungle humidity, rainforest downpour, and a billion Chinese people driving on the roads. This is my view from China. No joke. Every time there is an auto accident on the highway when I'm on my trips out here, I stumble to get my camera out of my bag. Last time I was here I mentioned failing to take a photograph of a completely charred bus on the highway. I've definitely seen worse than this. It's no wonder I often find myself thinking about how fucked I am when we're getting driven around in the rain.I mean seriously, this kind of shit is so normal here, a giant truck bent over the guard rail is like fucking warm ups. People walk away from this all nonchalant exchanging insurance information. The hell? That's China for you. Kind of always the worst traffic situations ever, no big deal.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Check out the link on DESIGNSPONGE

Totally awesome tutorial on how to make your own tripod camping stool. Note to self: Must do this when I get back to NY. Amazing summer tag along for the July 4th weekend.

This is probably going to be the only thing that matters today

Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't surf but this looks especially shredding

Back to back acoustic epicness