Saturday, July 9, 2011


Friday, July 8, 2011

Uhh amazing? Thnx Skatie

Hands down craziest shit on youtube this week. Wait til the end. Awkward.


Long weekends are the best. Long weekends far away from the city are even better.

Liar's Dice!

Outdoor shelving. Into it.

Outdoor lighting.


The Lake

Not too shabby. However, this picture is missing about 10 jetskis. It seems that the community who live around this lake own multiple water sporting vehicles.

Watching my figure. Sike!

Totems. That bear got a lot of love last weekend.

There was an Eagle Scout among us. As you can see, Eagle Scout practice taking place. Unfortunately, failed tee pee fire, but successful photo.

It never really occurred to me how important it is to spend a weekend barefoot in the grass. It will really change your life the following week...when you're back in the city...stuck on the subway..hating life to no end.

Chilli Cook Off! One had pineapple in it. One had mega veggies, all four were consumed quickly.

This spider is what infected bite fears are made of

Sky sabers

Chasing demons

Cabin optional.

Alien forehead rocket

Alien grass

Camp food is kind of a big deal. Halved peppers stuffed with cheese and raw eggs.


It rained like a beast all day Sunday. At least until 3pm. Standing in the rain half the day will kick your weekend spirit in the balls.

However, some chose to do more important things, like tend to the fire that refused to go out.

Master of Fireworkin' Ceremonies

After much coaxing and bribing, the Bear god was persuaded to let us have the rest of the afternoon without rain. With his blessing, the Bear god also turned out to be a decent American.

This was followed by the popping open of Olde English 40 oz's. Haven't seen someone drinking a 40oz like that since I lived in SF.

Firework show underway

Wire twistin' dedication

Based on the amount of switches and antennas something flew to the moon that night.

Those are my chips.

No big deal.

Like a chump I didn't recharge my camera, so I was running low on battery during the firework spectacle.

Night views