Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Not the biggest fan of the X Games but folks were ripping. Congratulations to Marisa!

Shit! Alexis wasn't fuckin around either!! Kickflip f/s 50-50 hubba no joke. And that bump to rail ollie? G'damn.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Found this picture on nowiremember. Todd skating the Nike Bowery store! Yes!

Yes! James Iha..

Body tweaker slash ghost


Seen this floating around the web for a bit. Wugazi. Listen below on Soundcloud. Some are a little sicker than others.. I could do without Forensic Shimmy- just give me that ODB! This is on some 2011-mad-scientist-on-your-mac collabo shit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apparently, The Nerves came out with the original version of "Telephone." I learned that in a dark bar on the Westside tonight. It's a pretty uncool feeling when you ask the bartender "who is covering this blondie song?" and it's actually a Nerves song. I don't know- the original is pretty damn awesome. I might actually like it more than Blondie's version.

L7's Version

Went to the Lurkers 1,2,and 3 screening at the Nike Bowery Stadium a few weeks ago!

Highlighted throughout the store was the multitude of grip jobs in the front room. The ground was also painted a spectrum of colors arranged and laid out by Team Autumn.

Photographic appreciation. People would come in and just feel like they had to get into their obligatory push stance.

The spectrum continues

My trash can angle. Looks like I captured some gnarly pre-nollie trick, sidewalk heel scrape-age.

Looking at these from a distance I thought it was a board of multi colored wheels. I got really excited and upon further inspection realized they were just spools of thread. *Yawn*. Just kidding. But kind of a bummer.

I thought they were stickers but they were like canvas print outs of could be stickers. I guess they got this edgy, corporate Dogtown meets Bowery, locals only thing going on?

Hella dudes and 1 chick

Tre flip. I wish I could make something look that good.

Bryan! Always behind the camera! He reads this internet trap of a blog- what up Bryan!

I saw Steve Olson with a ride that is as comparable as his $425 collaborative Saturdays deck. I bet this one is worth more because he is actually blessing it with his stylish pushing and late afternoon shredding abilities.

This event was sponsored by Tecate

Joe Cupps and Chris Barton. Two kool dudes

Seth and Tristan's son, Kellan. He is so adorable!! Baby shredder.

Waste's "Positive History" t shirt.

Jitu and his friend. My team of three got served in basketball by these guys. I see a rematch in the forecast.

Toilet views