Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thanks to Seth Rosko for this amazing galvanized steel cut board display hook up. Best birthday present to myself EVER. Also thanks to my super cool landlord for putting this into the wall with fine precision for me. Skateboard racks are a girl's best friend. PS. Don't know who's flippers those are. Not mine..

Peep my old post with Seth's link here

In 2011, is Vans that much better of a corporate alternative than Nike? Hm.. Nike SB's video coming out soon. Reminds me, my SB's are about 4 years old. Time for some new ones.

My homie Charles has been working hard at his tattoo game the past several years, and his art is looking really nice! He'll be in New York City September 8th tattooing so if you happen to like his work email him at He thinks I'm a blog lord so he okay'ed this announcement.

Unscripted epicness


The breakdown on West Germany's notorious "Death Strip"

Moving black and white footage of people escaping East Germany when one still had a chance..

..Communism is such a bummer. At least one thing history has shown us over and over again- giant walls that divide people can come down. Nothing is impossible to change. It just takes a lot of sacrifice and faith.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Alien Workshop's "Life Splicing" video: Nick Boserio. I've seen this reposted so many times today- for good reason! Shredding. Nose grind down Black Hubba? Fack.

Hopps event at Nike Stadium tonight at 7pm

Another event going on at 7pm in Brooklyn at Monster Island Basement. Decisions decisions!


Tonight, Sean Stockton and friends curated a pretty heavy hittin' photo show at 181 Broadway. There were some serious names backing the show- but I'm not sure if all the contributors really put the word out? Anyway, more beer for everyone that was there! Forgot to bring my camera so cell phone images instead!

Bud Eye and Russell. One time I Joe Montana'ed a half empty beer can at Bud Eye cause I pretty much hated him over some wack shit- but now we're cool cause he apologized. Sometimes the world is a weird place but every now and then it's still possible to talk to each other like humans and sort shit out.

Show company

Mellow vibez

I'm telling you- a lot of great photos!

Ken Nagahara uncovered some rare photographs from this OG photographer, I think his name is like Gary Leonard. Weird Time-like photos with Nixon and Stevie Wonder etc. Even Darby Crash! Everyone was kind of fanning out.

Mayra and Adrian. NYC rippers

Some dude

Ken was holding out on some good Gary Leonard shit. Colonel Sanders portrait! Photo show B SIDES!

Ken explaining the background of where or who the photos came from. I proposed the space offer a "Ken Nagahara audio tour" for the exhibit. It'd be a win-win situation.


Interestingly enough, all of these tidbits are actually photo postcards that were sent to Ken specifically for the show. Sick!

Where are all the male skate betties that fan over Olson and the Gonz? This would have been their night to sweat. These are some of Mic E Reyes' photos. Really awesome

Handsome Boy Modeling School?

Totally. Whatever, I guess it's Peter Hewitt so it's expected he looks like a total maniac?

Beerspit photos

I wanna' know where the Beerspit crew was at tonight? Tracy ? Halsey?

Darby Crash

Manute's photo, DMX the day after he got out of jail. I heard people fanning out on wanting to buy this one. Rap history, yo

Rock painting crazzee. I love painting rocks- genius and insanely affordable.

Errol? Aarol? Berkeley Park days. He still holds it down in Oakland. Now he's busy visiting New York and asking me why I think so much about shit? Or why I'm so loud? Ha ha!

Investigative cut offs

Dennis McNett board graphics

World's Worst Azn Shotgunning Team. Half my beer went into a garbage can and the other half just got emptied onto Ken's shirt.

Ken is a rad photographer- but fuck the dude in the picture. Burly ass bikers with lame 'tudes are later'd. You might as well being riding a taco'ed fix gear.

Jorgé aka Batman. In Mexico, he is known as "Batman" simply because ( from what I gathered ) people don't know where he vanishes to and from. Apparently, when he's in Mexico, he lives in a completely out of the way location, so people fantasize that he lives in an unknown bat cave. I think he brought the bat cave to New York cause I still don't know where he vanishes to and from.

Thursday, August 18, 2011