Saturday, September 10, 2011

If you're Nike you can have Christopher Lloyd in your commercials. They should also think about hiring Bill Murray to be Peter Venkman again. I don't know how he would fit into anything, but it would be cool.


Live and direct from Paris. Staying in a massive apartment in the Marais. Kind of beats a hotel. The place I'm staying at was built in the 17th century. Super awesome. Everytime I travel to Europe, it's no wonder people are so engrained in tradition. One is literally surrounded by history at all times. This is the view from the living room. It's easy to imagine the 17th century. Is this the place in France where the naked ladies dance? Who da neighbors!?!

Additional views.

Winding staircases. Door knobs in the middle of the door.

No more empty tecate and bud cans-I'm in France.

Breakfast. Fresh squeezed orange juice and a duo of cheeses croque. I saw the baguette guy make a delivery. It was pretty cool.

As I am here on a shopping trip for work, I squeezed in the Eiffel Tower. Mass transit in Paris is actually pretty easy to figure out. Stoked.

"Iron Lady" upskirts

Okay- that was enough tourism. Nice parting shot.

Storefronts in Paris are really cute. Now that I've been to Paris I can see where New York gets it's sidewalk cafe style, too. There will seriously be about 50 tables of people drinking coffee staring at everyone walking by.

By the Odeon metro stop.

Stationary! Made in Japan but still cute.

Pastries here are NO JOKE. I walked into a local bakery spot and asked for the most famous thing in there. The guy recommended a chocolate cake. I'm a chocolate appreciator, but this snack sized cake made me a follower of this bakery on Rue Montorgueil. It turns out this place is called "Patisserie Stohrer" one of the two oldest patisseries in Paris, famous for its pastries, chocolates, and ice creams. It was founded in 1730, during the reign of Louis XV. And yes I bought a postcard so this is how I know this.

I have to say, I was kind of nervous about coming to France because of my zero French language skills. But everybody from newspaper stand guys to servers have been nothing but helpful and nice. Of course there's always tomorrow, but what a relief. Oh yeah there was this one old lady today who cut me in line at a store, but she turned out to be Italian.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Um, this song and video is badass. Tuxedomoon! No tears for creatures of the night

Narrated by Harold Hunter ( RIP ). Awesome random clips .. The sound is a bit off at first.. Put out by Harif and Quimtime.

Ando Nesia

Juicy J all up in my life right now. Clip from Ando at FTC! FTCEQUENCE

Waiting for a plane to Paris, first thing I saw on facebook. Hater Lou making facebook as relevant as a Yahoo News of the Day..

Disney Do overs?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flying to Europe in a few hours. It's 5:45AM. Updates following my arrival on land at some point! Stopping by London overnight, so probably in Paris! Yes!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jilleen Liao

Meatroastin' with Dogbone. Enids Saturday night. My 10 minute, limited video FX debut. Feat. Sam S., Brian, and Buckley.

Update: Had to delete this since this was bound to get back to someone somewhere on this call out list. Oh well! Hope you got to see it because it's actually hilarious and Dogbone thinks so too. But Heavy Discussion doesn't support drama so I took it down.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Incredible Labor Day weekend. Filmed a pretty epic Top Ten Skaters of All Time segment with Dogbone at Enids the other night. Will be posting that soon! People gettin' buried in that. Until the photographic documentation of today's events goes up, here's a vimeo account of the Juicy J and Fool's Gold Block Party in the city today. WE TRIPPY MANE!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thanks to a drunken skate nerd crew from last night (Nord, Sam, Pat, Brian ), I've been inspired to have a "Carroll Block" of Carroll youtubes. Fact: If Carroll does not make it on your top 10, you can not be saved. It can also be disputed that this was not the original song used in Yeah Right! But it's a sick song nonetheless. When people tell me from "Not San Francisco" that nobody calls it "Frisco", I should probably tell them to listen to I.M.P., Cellski, Dre Dog, RBL etc. and to most importantly, go back to Santa Rosa.

Of course I'm missing Mouse, Questionable, H Street etc etc all the no brainers. Love old FTC videos!

After hours at Enids, trying to figure out WHO Mike Carroll skated to in Modus Operandi. Thought it was Andre Nickatina. Got corrected! KURUPT ALL THE WAY! Classic shit that got dusted over time in my brain. Diamond shirts were tight.