Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm in Berlin! But leaving for London today. Only spent two days here; better than nothing! Stayed in the Mitte so bound to come across a lot of weird, cool things.

View from this random bookstore/art gallery who's staircases were covered in cartoon graffiti. I've run into a few bookstores who seem to sell exclusively contemporary comics. Pretty cool considering contemporary comics are so diverse and eclectic.

Outside of a probably famous museum I just have no idea

Blue eyed, white sausage

Red and white sausage, pickled cabbage, and mashed potatoes + proper German beer from last night. Might even try to have another meal at this spot before I leave. You can't fuck with those griddle marks! Untouchable, insanely delicious.

My contribution to wrongboards.tumblr. We'll see if it gets used. I tried to get closer, but two way German traffic got in my way.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some left over photos from Amsterdam! Land of Painted clogs.

Home of every marijuana joke EVER.

Land of pigeon feeding murder face

And this lil' guy!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Okay this is pretty funny..

Photos from Tuesday in Amsterdam! Still have a few more that I haven't uploaded yet. But I guess I wouldn't be a proper American tourist if I didn't take a shitload of photos. Couple that with the fact I have Asian DNA, and I'll probably have more than a thousand photos by the end of the trip. With Louisa is Amsterdam though, how can I not want to take a photo?

I ordered this at the airport. Smoked salmon score!

Bitterballs! Dutch bar food. Fried balls of veal and mustard dipping sauce. I don't ever eat veal, but this was definitely an experience! Traditionally eaten with beer. I found out they call them bitterballs because they were originally eaten with the alcohol Bitters.

Ate at a restaurant called 1870 and basically the menu is all circa that time period Dutch wise. Here is a steak with mushroom sauce and frites. The portion was small relative to the US, but it was a decent portion for any human not interested in over eating. Oh yeah they serve mayonnaise with a lot of stuff out here.

Louisa took me to the Skate park of Amsterdam. It's sort of like a Skate park of Tampa. They host European Damn AM type contests and demos. It's built in an enormous warehouse that was originally built as an artist studio village as well. Pretty rad!

Felt really stoked to have been brought here as I would have probably never found it. The course changes out every month or so slightly, with a huge overhaul of renovations yearly. Three guys run it, and oh yeah. There's a bar inside the skateshop.

Skate beers

One of the dudes that run this place behind the counter. There are three owners.

Yes please.

Taking the ferry back to central Amsterdam. Everyone brings their bicycles and scooters on the ferry and when the ferry arrives at the port, they all go off like a mini Tour De Amsterdam. It's kind of funny.

Dutch folk

Went to the bar Lux with Louisa. I asked for a shot of whiskey and they gave me some high grade scotch tasting shot. Well worth my euros. I had like two of these, three beers, and was done for the night.

Louisa was so excited she texted Todd in NY

Louisa's friend! Friendly dutch people! I won't even talk about the Indian guy from London that was trying to kick it. Ok I will. It went something like, "Did that guy just high five you? What guy high fives a girl? Do you like high fives? I'm from London and I'm a banker. I used to be a genetic engineer. I don't believe anyone should work too hard but I manage to get paid a lot of money. I've lived in Amsterdam for five years and it's a laugh!" Whatever guy, you suck. Worst bar conversation ever.

Game on

Dutch tomato bagel with tuna melt and capers

American tourist dutch counseling: oversized wood clogs

Found this amazing leather bag in the flea market

Good ten euros spent.